[Article] 170218 "WINGS TOUR" 7 different thoughts shared by the 7 members... "We will become the wings of ARMY"

Group BTS revealed their thoughts on ending their concert in Korea.

On the 18th evening, BTS held "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" at Gocheok Sky Dome Royal Diamond Club Lounge and shared their emotions with the fans before performing their last song. 

J Hope: Today is a very special day. This is the first day of our WINGS Tour and it's also my birthday. Firstly, as for my birthday, this is my 4th birthday with you and although every year meant a lot to me and made me happy but I don't think there could be another special day like today. I'm very happy to be here to be able to listen to your wishes and your song. I think I might have saved a country in my previous life. I want to thank our fans who took part in many events for me, J Hope. We're beginning our WINGS Tour from today. I feel like you are our sky and we're flying in our sky. Thank you for making our WINGS Tour concert a real concert.

V: Our concert has now come to an end, shall we applause together? Thank you very much and thank you again. Thank you for making it possible for us to stand on Gocheok Dome. I think we're able to fly thanks to our ARMYs. I think we're flying for our ARMYs. I hope you will support and cheer to our growth. ARMYs, I really love you and you guys are amazing! Thank you.

Jungkook: First of all, I'm very happy to start our Tour at Gocheok Dome in Seoul. As I've said earlier, our first concert was at AX Hall and I think we were able to grow like today thanks to the love we received. I'm actually a cold person. I don't really smile a lot usually. But I think I have more reasons to smile thanks yo our ARMYs lately. Thank you for making me able to imagine happy thoughts. Most of all, thank you for trusting and following us. Today was really fun. I love you all.

Suga: "We will become wings only for BTS.". We will become the wings of ARMYs. I guess our fans would have felt the same way while preparing for the tour but we felt the same way too. We thought what could we do to make our concert better while preparing for the show. I wish we could become wings for each other and fly higher and higher. We are here because of your existence and I think we were able to hold today's concert because we have you. Thank you for becoming BTS's wings. You're awesome! Thank you so much and I love you.

Jin: This is Jin, your Bunglie. It feels like it's only yesterday when we held our fan meeting event here and I didn't know we'd hold a concert here. I think concert makes us really happy. Now, I feel happy while I sing all the songs. ARMY Bomb is really beautiful, isn't it? It's the light that shines us. I'm very happy because we have you and I love when you guys smile. Although I'm not a funny person, I will try my best if I could make you guys laugh. We've now won the Daesang, shed blood, sweat and tears so I think we should walk on the Spring Day with our ARMYs. Let us walk together on Spring Day. Thank you.

Jimin: Thank you for coming to J Hope's concert (laughs). Hoseok hyung, happy happy birthday. The day we did a hidden camera to make Hoseok hyung cry on his birthday feels like just yesterday. This is my first time doing the ending ment after other members but I wish I could watch them from the audience seat. I don't have anything to say because they all told you they love you. I'm joking. Lately, while running forward (to my goal), all of a sudden I thought "when did I even reach here?". I wanted to tell you that I'm very, very grateful to you for being here with us. We have many things to show you in the future so please don't worry. What we're showing you now isn't all. Thank you very much always and I love you.

Rap Monster: It's very nice. I would like to say many things but.. I forgot them after watching our members. I think being together is very nice.  I was always worried. "Will they understand?" "Am I a person who can convey something?" and when I recovered my senses we're here at Gocheok. I'm grateful to have people who will walk together with us. We can't fly with only one wing, right? We're a fan to each other. I think a lot while I read your letters. I wish we could walk together by communing with your love and our music and dance. There's no doubt that Spring Day will come to every person who walks with us. Let's put on our wings and fly to Spring Day.

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