[Article] 170219 "We were constantly nervous and wondering if they'd understand us", BTS's talk that shook Gocheok Dome

"We were constantly worried and nervous but with endurance, we made it to Gocheok Dome"

Group BTS (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) held "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR in Seoul" on February 18th at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul and met over 20,000 fans. The group will interact with a total of 40,000 fans during their 2-day concert on 18th and 19th.

BTS began their "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" with their concert in Seoul. This is the 3rd episode of their Trilogy after their previous first episode "BTS BEGINS" and the second episode "THE RED BULLET". BTS is performing at Gocheok Dome for the second time after holding their global official fan club ARMY's 3rd fan meeting "BTS 3RD MUSTER [ARMY.ZIP+]" back in November 2016.

During the press conference before the show, Suga explained, "We mobilized the most number of equipment and installations in the history of BTS concerts. We prepared a lot for this concert. There is a story behind BTS's concert and this show will arrange and complete this story.". As he said, BTS focused on interacting with their fans as close as they could from far by installing supersized screens considering the audience in the 3rd and 4th floor, splendid backgrounds that change for every stage, moveable stage, lift install in the shape of hot-air balloon to maximize the members' live performance.

What really shined their show was the performances BTS members had practiced for the concert and this made the event dazzle as much as the splendid stage settings. They performed their hit songs like "I NEED U", "RUN", "FIRE" and "DOPE" which helped them to spread their group name "BTS" to their fans and the public. BTS also performed the title track from their second full album "WINGS", "Blood Sweat & Tears" which released last October, the title track and songs from their new album "WINGS Extension", "Spring Day", "Not Today" and "OUTRO: WINGS" which released on the 13th. The members increased the completeness of their show by performing stages that showed their constant growth over the last 4 years.

They performed their solo stages for the first time, adding more fun to the show. Previously, members of BTS had each released their solo track in the second full album and proved that every member was almost equally talented as the entire group. On this day, out of 24 stages in total 7 of these were solo stages. The solo performances covered 1/3 of the entire show's setlist and although they had not prepared the complete choreography since they haven't performed their solo tracks before, every member presented quality stage. This made us realize how much time and sweat these members spent and shed to prepare for this tour despite their busy schedules. When we asked them regarding this their company replied to Newsen, "The members concentrated in rehearsal until the day of the show. They repeatedly practiced for a high-quality stage.".

Jungkook was the first member to show off his unique attractive voice with "Begin" and Jimin performed "Lie" with his charming vocal and performance. Suga and Rap Monster respectively performed "First Love" and "Reflection and filled the stage with their flawless rapping and sincere lyrics. V and Jin displayed their much more improved vocal with "Stigma" and "Awake", respectively. J Hope completed his "MAMA" stage with his perfect performance as the choreography captain of BTS and striking vocal. Their unit stages were also great to watch. Vocal line (Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) showed off their sweet voice with "Lost" and the Rapper line (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope" presented a charismatic rap performance with "BTS Cypher 4". 

The following are the ments by the members that made several journalists and 20,000 audiences who attended the concert to laugh and cry.

▲ Jin, "I think my members have started to take after my great look"

When BTS was asked the secret behind their popularity, Jin who is known for his humorous personality shared a witty reply as the eldest member of the group. He said, "We have two (secrets). I think the first secret is our endless growth. There is no member who hasn't grown/improved. They've improved visually too. I've been good looking from the beginning. As for the improvement in visual, I think my good look played the key role and helped the other members. I believe my visual has spread to our members. I think our second secret is the chemistry we share among the members. I think we're receiving great love thanks to these two reasons.". Suga replied, "Can good looks/visual spread to another? Thank you. But why hasn't it spread to me when I'm your roommate?", raising laughter.

▲ Suga, "I should become a fan of Liverpool from today if journalist-nim is a Liverpool fan"

BTS's album title "You Never Walk Alone" is similar to the title of UK Liverpool Football Club's anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone". When they were asked if it was associated or intentionally named after it, Suga replied, "Journalist-nim are you perhaps a fan of Liverpool? If so, I will also become a Liverpool fan. I will become a Liverpool fan from today.", making the journalist burst into laughter. He continued, "It wasn't intentional. We always plan the album far before and it was a really nice wording that I've always wanted to use. It turned out to be the wording used in Liverpool's anthem. This really surprised me and I will become a fan of Liverpool from today.".

▲ Suga, "Let's ask one more time to the 30s fans"

Towards the middle of the show, J Hope said, "It's time to check the reaction of our fans" and suggested to listen to the shouts of audience according to their age group. When they listened to the intense screaming of 10s and 20s fans, J Hope shouted, "ARMYs in 30s, are you ready?". However, the 30s fans responded less enthusiastically compared to the 10s and 20s and Suga made everyone laugh by saying, "We should ask them one more time. They might have not screamed because they're shy.".  The 30s fans gained more confident after Suga's comment and responded with a louder scream. Also, J Hope added, "ARMYs in the 40s and above, please scream. My mother's getting ready too", raising laughter.

▲ J Hope, "I think I might have saved the country in my previous life"

J Hope's mother arrived to the venue to watch her son's concert. This made J Hope's solo track "MAMA" more meaningful. J Hope who performed his stage with love for his mother said, "My mother is here today and being able to perform "MAMA" in front of my mother made me choke. I really prepared a lot for the stage and I'm happy to present the performance to all of you. I don't know what to say. I'm very proud to be able to sing a song I've written at this large venue in front of my mother. He also revealed his thoughts about "Hope Concert" which was also on his birthday. He said, "I'm spending my 4th birthday with you after our debut and every year was meaningful but I think today is the most special day. It's my birthday and so many ARMYs at Gocheok Dome wished me, sent me love and I got to perform my song for all of you. This place makes me very happy. I wrote a post a few days ago on our Daum Cafe and I think I really did save the country in my previous life. I want to sincerely thank our fans who are doing many events for me. Also, this is our first beginning of "WINGS Tour" and there's something I realized once again today. You guys are our sky and it feels like we're flying in that sky. It's only possible because we have you. Thank you very much and I love you.".

▲ V, "We will fly for our fans"

After performing one of their encore songs, "Outro: WINGS" from their new album, V shared his heartfelt thoughts. He said, "I want to thank all of you for helping us stand at Gocheok Dome and perform on such large and amazing stage. As J Hope hyung said, you are our sky and we will fly for you so I hope you will continue to always watch us grow bigger and support us. ARMYs are caepjjang!", moving the audience.

▲ Jungkook, "I'm actually a cold man"

After V, Jungkook expressed his gratitude to their fans. He said, "I'm very happy to be able to make a start for our "WINGS Tour" at Gocheok together with you all. Our first concert was at AX Hall but I think we were able to grow thanks to the great love we received and I learned that Gocheok Dome is incredibly large. Thank you very much.", he added, "I'm actually a cold person who doesn't laugh a lot.", however, the fans booed (?) at his cute lie. He continued, "Thanks to our ARMYs, I have more reasons to smile and I feel happy every day. I'm grateful to all of you who give me reasons to always have pleasant thoughts. Most of all, thank you very much for trusting us and following us until now.".

▲ Suga, "You can't flutter and fly with just only one wing."

Suga who is known to be cold did little to hide his love for his fans on this day. He said, "We will become the wings of ARMYs. If BTS is the left wing, ARMY is the right wing. I hope we could fly higher by becoming a pair of wings. You can't flutter and fly with just only one wing. We are here because you're here and I believe that we were able to hold today's concert because we have you. Thank you for standing beside us. You guys are caepjjang".

▲ Jin, "We shed blood, sweat and tears so let's walk in Spring Day together"

Jin began, "This is Jin, your Bunglie", he continued, "The ARMY Bomb you're holding right now is the light that shines us. I'm very happy to have you and I'm happy when you smile. Although I'm not a funny person, I will work hard if I could make you smile. We have now won the Daesang and shed blood, sweat and tears so let's walk in Spring Day together.", moving the audience.

▲ Jimin, "We have more to show you in the future so please don't worry."

Jimin who is famous for taking great care of their fans just like his members said, "After running forward diligently with all of you, today I wondered, "When did we reach here?".  I wanted to thank all of you for helping us reach here. I'm always grateful". He continued, "We have more to show you in the future so please don't worry. This isn't the end of our image.", moving to tears.

▲ Rap Monster, "I was constantly worried and nervous..."

Rap Monster who has always been a reliable leader expressed his sincere feelings to the members who have stood by him, his music co-workers, and their fans. He said, "I think it's great to be together. I could have been just a rapper or lived the ordinary life of a student if I didn't join BTS but we walk together by replenishing each other's weakness and highlighting each other's strength. Being a part of BTS, to have people who support me by my side, and to make something together with people who work with me- I think these things are really nice. I was constantly worried. "Will they understand?", "Am I a person who can deliver something?". I was always nervous and worried but I tried to endure and when I recovered my senses, we made it to Gocheok Dome.". He continued, "I think it's really nice to walk together. When you don't have people who will listen to your music, your music might just be a frequency or noise. And as Suga hyung said before we can't fly with only one wings but we're fans of each other. It's nice when I read your letters because I get to learn, "this person is living such life", "there are such hardships". I hope we could continue to walk together by interacting through our music and love. As long as we're together, as our album title says, I believe that Spring Day will come and I have no doubt. Let's put on our wings and fly to the Spring Day,".

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