[Article] 170220 First episode of "ShinYangNam Show" to broadcast on the 23rd... "Pajama party concept"

Producer of Mnet "Shin Yang Nam Show" revealed the key interesting points of the show before the first broadcast on 23rd.

▲  Pajama party of celebrities after work

"Shin Yang Nam Show" will follow the concept of "pajama party" after the celebrities end their schedules. The guest celebrities will appear in pajamas and play Truth or Dare, dance, etc. The three MCs will create a free and relaxed atmosphere and they're planning to draw the natural charms of the celebrities.

At the end of the show, they will choose the "Party King/Queen of today's pajama party" based on who shared the most genuine talk during the show and the King/Queen member will get a 1 minute "exclusive nupbang" chance after the closing.

(T/N: Nupbang: a show while lying down)

▲ Dance party on 1 pyeong 

(T/N: 1 pyeong = 3.3058 square meters = 35.5833 square feet)

"Shin Yang Nam Show" has prepared games that will continue their previous games like "absolute beat dance". They also have "Bedtime Truth or Dare" where we can listen to the celebrities sharing stories from their heart as well as "Mafia Game". According to the producer, the highlight of the show is the "1 pyeong dance" where celebrities dance on the tiny 1 pyeong area. 

Kwon Jihoon PD who is in charge of directing "Shin Yang Nam Show" said, "We worked hard to create the most comfortable nupbang show in the world. The fans really wish to see the celebrities' natural charms and you will be able to see it on the show. Our first guest was BTS and they told us, "We really had fun and we didn't feel like we were working". That shows how comfortable the set feels.".

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