[Article] 170220 [SW Scene] You want to know why BTS is the "trend"? "Watch" their WINGS Tour

It was indescribable. BTS themselves proved why they are the trend with their stage. From their debut song "No More Dream" to their latest song "Spring Day", we could watch the growth of BTS in a glance. Moreover, BTS splendidly opened the curtains of "WINGS" tour in front of 40,000 fans who filled Gocheok Dome.

BTS held "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR" at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on 18th and 19th. "WINGS Tour" drew 40,000 audiences on both days and fans from Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, US and South America came together to attend the show. It felt like a global conference venue, we definitely felt the global power of BTS.

Before the show began, the area around Gocheok Dome was literally "packed".  Areas from Gyeonginno to  Line 1 of Guil station were packed with BTS's fanclub "ARMYs." However, BTS fans showed orderliness without causing any accidents. They never threw away garbage around the area or showed bad manners. Just like well mannered BTS who is mentioned by many singers as their role model, their fans demonstrated exemplary awareness. Their behavior made the area heartwarming before BTS began the show.

It looked like BTS made generous investments to their stage as their concert scale has grown bigger indeed. From their center stage which resembled the logo of their second full album "WINGS" and the wings shaped stage decor that represented their determination to "soar" caught our eyes. Also, they made sure to set up paths to reach their larger concert venue. Their stage reflected BTS's will to stay closer to their fans always.

The track from their "WINGS Extension" "Not Today" opened the concert. Since the members had hinted they had prepared "the greatest performance" during their press conference before the show, their fans watched their stage soundlessly. The performance of "Not Today" which finally unveiled was beyond our expectation indeed and BTS completed a powerful and dynamic performance together with a group of dancers. BTS poured out their energy endlessly from their first stage.

After a brief opening ment, BTS heated the venue by performing "Am I Wrong", "Baepsae", and "Dope" continuously. During these stages, BTS members enthusiastically made eye contacts with their fans and they were composure enough to lead the fans to sing along with them. We were impressed to watch BTS who is now specialized in concerts and feel most comfortable at concert venues.

The solo and unit stages of BTS members were very diverse. Jungkook's "Begin" was like watching a stage of US pop star, Jimin's "Lie" that presented us with intense red temptation, Suga's emotional rap to "First Love", Rap Monster who showed us unexpected charms with his lyrical rap to "Reflection", V who overpowered the stage with his stress reliving high note "Stigma", J Hope's "MAMA" which was bright yet emotional, and Jin's "Awake" that presented the audience with his flower like visual and mellow voice. The members presented a "BTS assorted gift set" to the audience.

Furthermore, unit stage by vocal line members, Jin - Jimin - V - Jungkook colored the concert venue with refreshing and bright vocals with "Lost". The rapper line, Rap Monster - Suga - J Hope completed an intense stage with "BTS Cypher 4" unit stage. The members satisfied their fans with high-quality stages which were good enough for them to promote as unit groups.

The highlight of this day's stage was the first comeback stage of "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" title track "Spring Day". Before the stage, BTS said, "We held our first concert at AX Hall in 2014 but we're already here at Gocheok. This really moves us.", they also revealed their hope and said, "We will expand around the world and we will show you our performance.".  Like so, BTS performed their first "Spring Day" stage in front of 40,000 fans and splendidly kicked off their "WINGS Tour".

Meanwhile, BTS will begin their world tour after their "WINGS Tour" show in Seoul and continue to perform in Chile, Brazil, US, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. Before their world tour, BTS will begin their impactful  "Spring Day"  promotion from the February 23rd broadcast of Mnet "M Countdown" for a week.

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1. I don't feel like I'm wasting my money. From their stage decors, solo stages, Not Today, first comeback stage of Spring Day, and they lead us pleasantly with title track medley then they touch our hearts with moving ments +794 -43

2. I wish I could go to their concert ㅠㅠ +681 -35

3. dvd please hurry up and get released ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +635 -31

4. This is the No.1 concert among the concerts I've been to so far ㅜ +640 -49

5. Let's walk in spring day together +583 -33

6. I was at the 4th floor but I have no regrets ㅠㅠ You don't attend a concert to just look at them, you go there to have fun... but although the show is 3 hours long it feels like an hour show ㅠㅠ I passed out when I came home +129 -4

7. As expected from BTS! They're the idol group that fits "as expected" the most! +119 -4

8. BTS always expresses their gratitude to their fans before others. I hope the road we walk with BTS to be our spring day and flower road +109 -4

9. BTS caepjjang! +108 -4

10. BTS, let's continue to only walk in spring road +105 -5

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