[Article] 170221 [Exclusive] Changes in music charts are confirmed to take place from 27th 12 AM (KST)

Changes in music charts will take place from 27th 12AM.

All music distributors who had abolished recommendation system from the music charts due to impeding justice have agreed to follow the new "12AM music release" changes. Accordingly, Melon, KT Music, CJ E&M, Bugs, Soribada and other major Korean music distributors will carry out changes to manage some of their charts. The changes which were said to take place by end of this month will be applied from the 27th midnight. Songs released at 12 AM will be reflected on the very day's 1PM chart and albums released from 12 PM to 6 PM will be only reflected on the real time chart.

Due to the changes in music charts, the singers will likely change their preferred release time. The main purpose of the change was to drastically reduce "releasing songs at 12AM". Since the performance of their songs will be reflected from 1PM even if they release their songs at 12AM, there is a high possibility that most singers will change their release time to 12PM. This is because real time chart will only limit to songs released from 12PM to 6PM. In other words, they plan to induce the fans and the public during the afternoon and not during the fandom competitive night hours.

Top singers and popular idol singers prefer releasing albums during the night hours because this is when the fandoms are extremely competitive. There are fewer users compared to the day hours so it's easier for the fandoms to come together and target the top places on music charts. On the other hand, it is also the cruel time for most singers who desperately wish to enter the top 100.

Due to changes, even idol singers will most likely change their release time to 6PM. Since the majority of idol fans are students, they assume the idols will release during hours when students come home from school or work rather than during their school/office hours. This is also because 6PM is the last hour reflected on the real time chart.

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1. You just need to get rid of the real time chart; +5015 -79

2. I think it would be better to have daily charts instead of real time charts +4035 -47

3. I believe getting rid of real time chart is better +3659 -53

4. I think getting rid of real time chart will help you to achieve your goal better than this- +3013 -38

5. I really don't get why they're making the changes. Do you think groups like BTS and EXO would not line up their songs at the following midnight even if they release at 12PM? BTS and EXO line up their songs on the chart for at least 2 weeks from their release. You need to find a solution to this ㅋㅋㅋ You're just damaging the other artists by preventing them from releasing songs at 12AM +3120 -316

6. Melon, you need to reduce the prices of your passes. I see you guys increasing a little by little and it's f*cking annoying. We're telling you to get rid of 5 minute chart but Melon will never do that because they need to get more money. Melon is disgusting +645 -2

7. They should have got rid of the 5 minute chart +600 -5

8. Even fans are annoyed by 5 minute and real time chart. Get rid of changes like this and just keep daily charts as the base +471 -4

9. Get rid of streaming music chart. What is this nonsense?... please stop making these fans stream all day like some construction workers. I really feel bad for them when I watch them stream all day +468 -7

10. These competitions you create with 5 minute chart, hitting the roof, etc- you are the ones that created all this competition but now you're calling this unfair. You're making me laugh. Idols' music and idols' fans are the only ones suffering always +452 -4

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