[Article] 170221 [Seo Byunggi's Pop Culture Review] Like a Marvel movie.. BTS, soars

The group performed with 40,000 audiences on 18th~19th at Gocehok Dome 
Explosive lyrical sentiments on powerful stage
Different charms from group, unit and solo tracks
We could not help but automatically cheer for them because we felt their determination and growth....

BTS's concert at the Sky Dome was unbelievable in short. Their concert was first held at AX Hall in 2014 and in 2017, BTS's concert at Gocheok Dome was almost a global and worldwide in scale.

BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jin, Jimin, V, Jungkook) marked the beginning of their world tour with "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III in Seoul" on the 18th and 19th February at Gocheok Dome in Seoul. BTS will continue their world tour in the 11 cities of 8 countries including Chile, Brazil, US, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia, and a total of 19 shows.

They are the fourth Korean artist to perform at Gocheok Dome after EXO, PSY, and Big Bang. BTS met with over 40,000 audiences during their 2-day concert.

BTS mobilized the most number of installation and special settings for this concert compared to their previous shows. This meant they described and organized their show well. 

Reporters have covered a countless number of singers' concerts and fan meetings. However, it's not easy for the reporters to sit throughout the idol fan meeting events. It's because of the extremely cringy ments they share on stage which is difficult to stand if you're not their fan.

On this day, BTS sang for almost 2 hours and 40 minutes and their long conversation with their fans continued before performing their new song "Spring Day". This was the so-called, time with "ARMYs". 

J Hope who celebrated his birthday at the concert thanked his fans for wishing him, etc and his words did not make us cringe so much. Reporters weren't "ARMYs" but they could feel the sincerity of the members which sounded quite serious. "You are our sky and it feels like we're flying in that sky",  "I enjoy reading your letters because whenever I read I get to realize "this person is leading such life", "there are hardships like this too.".  Let's put on our wings and fly into the spring day.". Lines like this made us think, "This is the communication skill of BTS".

There were many stages to watch at their concert. The 5 video arts they played before the stages were fantastic. Their stages were classy and the cyber world almost felt like a Marvel movie too.

The 7 members' dance looked cute, adorable, mysterious, and alluring. They boasted healthy beauty too.

BTS's show had diverse setlist including group, solo and subunit stages. It felt like the overall show maintained great harmony and balance.  When a group has 7 members, the members usually divide into main and sub vocalists but the biggest strength of BTS is that they are a group without any member who lacks compared to others.

The story they narrated at the concert produced greater force in such solid atmosphere. You get to support their path because they aren't just trendy. You can feel their determination to reach their goal and learn the growth tales. "Blood Sweat & Tears" helps you to look at how they expressed the narration of temptation followed by their school and youth.

Lovely Jungkook's appealing "Begin" stage and blindfolded "Lie" performance by Jimin who returned with pink hair showed that BTS's stage is not a light show. Suga's "First Love" seemed rebellious but he showcased an attractive emotional rapping stage.

Rap Monster's "Reflection", V's "Stigma" which we could feel the soul, and J  Hope's "MAMA" where he also shared his childhood photos were sentimental. 

Handsome Jin's solo track "Awake" stood out due to its string sound intro and outro. It was a stage that made us realize that Jin sings ballads well. The lyrics clearly reached us.

When the reporters expressed that their music video for "Spring Day" reminded us Sewol Ferry tragedy, Rap Monster replied, "We would like to leave the interpretation opened to the viewer's viewpoint and interpretation. We donated with the hope to help the Sewol Ferry memorial projects and psychology consultations of bereaved families.".

All idol groups have grown but I felt as if the stages performed by BTS had achieved both evolution (growth) and identity. It's not that they merely have intensity. When J Hope sang "MAMA" and Jin sang "Awake", we could strongly feel the lyrical and sentimental vibes.

Their appropriately balance power and softness, straight and curve lines, and rationality and sensitivity.

Thus, the power that's led by BTS's music increasingly grows stronger. The narration shouldn't only just end with a group's music and music videos. That just makes a group a "concept idol". The power of leading the song by internalizing the music into you, in other words, you can appeal stronger with the power of storytelling only when you have the power to lead the song.  

This concert by BTS deserved to remain in the history of idol concerts for a long time.

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1. I think you have really grasped the characteristics of BTS. I enjoyed reading your article. +444 -2

2. Seo Byunggi journalist-nim really analyzed well.  I completely agree with your comment on having the strength to lead their music by internalizing their songs inside them and this is why BTS is not just my favorite singer, I fell in love with them. +414 -2

3. There is a reason why BTS is successful +368 -3

4. I really enjoyed reading your article. Although I have failed this time, I really want to attend their next concert...! +354 -2

5. I enjoyed reading the article! Thank you! +307 -0

6. I was really touched by BTS's amazing stages at their concert. "This concert by BTS deserved to remain in the history of idol concerts for a long time." There are many great words. Thank you ^^ +59 -0

7. wow... thank you for writing such great article. As a fan who couldn't attend their concert, I was able to feel the realism. Thank you +56 -0

8. I'm just envious of journalist-nim who got to attend their concert. I could not find any canceled tickets despite reserving 50 waiting tickets so this ARMY who couldn't attend their concert can only cry 8ㅂ8 Thank you for the nice article +53 -0

9. Thank you for the nice article +52 -0

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