[Article] 170221 US Billboard high praises, "BTS’ artistic approach to socially-aware K-pop"

US Billboard focused on "Not Today", a song from their "WINGS Extension" album.

On the 20th, US Billboard released a column with the title "BTS Aims to Survive in "Not Today": Watch", focusing on the message throw at the society by BTS's new song "Not Today".

Billboard said, "The powerful song is one of BTS’ fiercest in years and an update to the group’s early anti-establishment message featured in songs like “No More Dream” and “N.O.”.", and explained, " Alternatively, the positive, forceful lyrics in “Not Today” could also be the more energetic counterpart to the mellow tone of “Spring Day”."

They continued to highly praise the group, "BTS’ artistic approach to socially-aware K-pop led the group to breaking all prior Billboard records set by all Korean acts aside from PSY.".

Billboard also focused on the global achievements of BTS, "The group’s popularity has made thBillboardavorites both locally and internationally, especially in the U.S. BTS headlined both KCON LA and KCON NY last summer, and will hold their first U.S. stadium tour next month, with five nights of concerts held in three cities.".

To prove their popularity, music video of "Not Today" from BTS's new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" hit 10 million views in just 21 hours and 38 minutes since its release on Youtube.

Meanwhile, BTS will continue promoting on music show with their first stage on February 23rd broadcast of Mnet "M Countdown".

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1. No, no, no  not today :) I keep listening to the song because of Suga's amazing voice +347 -1

2. BTS has been a legend always. I purple you +296 -1

3. I'm proud of you, BTS +284 -1

4. I approve them as Superstar Boy Scouts +275 -1

5. keeuu they pulled off two completely difference concepts ㅠㅠㅠ I wish I could watch their performance on stage soon! +267 -1

6. I don't think we could consider BTS as another idol group! BTS began with their own style and they did not give up their Bangtan style until now and I think that's very amazing... I hope you will continue to stay unchanged as BTS~ +42 -0

7. It's just our country... they're recognized more around the world +37 -0

8. This is one of the reasons why I love BTS +37 -0

9. Not Today let's hit daebak! +35 -0

10. wow BTS is really amazing +33 -0

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