[Article] 170222 [6th Gaon Chart] BTS wins the Best V Live Global Award... "ARMYs, we love you"

BTS won the Best V Live Global award.

On the 22nd evening, "6th Gaon Chart Music Awards" was held at Indoor Stadium in Jamsil, Seoul. Super Junior Lee Teuk and Mamamoo Solar were the MC of the awards ceremony.

BTS made their acceptance speech, "We believe we won this award because of the enormous love sent by our ARMYs. We were delighted to meet more ARMYs via a great system. We love you all.".

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1. Congratulations but some fandoms were really rude...  Why would you shout your own idol group's name when another idol's performing on stage? I was enjoying the stage but I was annoyed when some fans started screaming as if it was their idol's solo concert. It was really rude;; +782 -108

2. Congratulations to BTS for winning the award ^^ I love you and I will always support you~~~ BTS is the best!! +638 -75

3. BTS I love you +513 -57

4. BTS congrats +492 -59

5. I think Gaon Chart awards fairly compared to other ceremonies +568 -103

6. They deserved the V APP award... they have the most number of followers on V APP, right? 4 million... wow... +131 -10

7. BTS was the solid winner for the V APP award. I'm from another fandom but I reaaaaaalllly think they deserved it +123 -8

8. Honestly BTS is the top on V APP~ They're no. 1 in followers, hearts, views, comments.. Congratulations! +120 -7

9. This is a big day for Bighit~ Congratulations to Bang Sihyuk PD-nim, Son Sungdeuk-nim and BTS ^^ And congrats on reaching 20 million views for Not Today! +122 -13

10. Today's a big day for Bighit +99 -6

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