[Article] 170222 BTS writes a new US Billboard history... No. 15 on Bubbling Under Hot 100

Group BTS entered US Billboard "Bubbling Under Hot 100" at No. 15, writing a new history as a KPOP artist.

On the 21st, Billboard posted a column under the title, "BTS Crack the Bubbling Under Hot 100 With 'Spring Day,' Conquer Multiple Charts With 'You Never Walk Alone'", and announced, "The feat is truly unprecedented given K-pop's history on Billboard's singles chart.".

Billboard said, "Most notably, the K-pop boy band's new single "Spring Day" debuts at No. 15 on Billboard's Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.", and explained, "The Bubbling Under Hot 100 acts as an extension of the 25 songs that have yet to chart on the definitive Hot 100 singles chart and are just below the top 100 slots. Like the main Hot 100 chart, rankings are based on sales, radio airplay and streaming data. ".

Billboard further continued to explain, "To compare: BTS' "Spring Day" is almost all in Korean, had zero promotions in America, was released new music during a notoriously competitive week with the 2017 Grammy Awards, and "Spring Day" dropped on a Sunday making their charting window smaller than other releases.".

They also emphasized and highly praised, "The accomplishment gives hope and acts as a guiding light to the burgeoning K-pop scene and gives indication of how Korean acts can continue making their mark on the American industry.".

Lastly, Billboard added, "Check back to Billboard.com the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 22 to see BTS' accomplishments when all the charts are refreshed.".

The latest Billboard chart showing BTS's accomplishment will be updated later.

Original article here
Billboard article here
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1. I always love you BTS and I believe you guys. I hope you guys will safely end your Extension album promotion and your world tour! Let's try to enter Hot 100 on your next comeback! You have infinite potential so our flight will last forever. We will become the wings only for BTS +2925 -290

2. oh~~~ aren't they amazing? +2623 -210

3.  wow as expected, they're greatㅜㅠ❤❤ +2234 -198

4. I'm really proud~ +2170 -190

5. So they're at No. 115 in Billboard overall chart! Anyway, the first record BTS made on Album 200 chart was No.171  so I think ARMYs can rise higher next comeback and help the boys enter Hot 100! +1991 -186 

6. BTS climbed higher and higher and now they arrived in front of the main chart... they didn't even promote with English songs or any official promotion in the US so this is really amazing. +512 -18

7. This means they're No. 115 on the overall Billboard chart? (shivers) +484 -17

8.  Bang PD-nim who always works hard mentally and physically for our BTS, Pdogg-nim and Slow Rabbit-nim who guide BTS's artistic ability and always write great tracks for BTS. Supreme Boy-nim who works together with BTS from time to time from their friendship during trainee days. And Son Sungdeok-nim who makes choreography for BTS to shine 100 and 1000 times brighter on stage. Lastly, many Bighit staffs. BTS is here and ARMYs were able to be here for them because of your presence. Thank you for creating BTS, looking after them and polishing them more. +484 -19

9. I think Spring Day sounds better the more I listen to it. Not Today is really fun to listen +442 -14

10. I'm happy. I'm really happy to see my favorite singer doing well... +412 -14

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