[Article] 170222 "Show Champ" BTS wins their first trophy with "Spring Day"... "As expected from the trend"

Group BTS won the first place on "Show Champion".

On the February 22nd broadcast of MBC Music "Show Champion", BTS won the first place with "Spring Day". Unfortunately, BTS was not able to attend this week's "Show Champion".

BTS shared their acceptance speech through the video. BTS Rap Monster expressed, "We won our first (Spring Day) trophy". It feels like Spring Day has come.".

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1. This is really cool ㅠㅠ It must be tiring since you guys just finished the concert but let's cheer up for the promotion! Fighting! Let's only walk on flower road on spring day +2611 -199

2. It's their first No.1 with Spring Day! Congrats! +2211 -165

3. They won before their official promotion ㅠㅠ Congrats!! +2126 -156

4. BTS FLY HIGHER +1910 -147

5.  I'm a bit sad since it's before the comeback stage but congrats on winning the first place!! +1794 -140

6. Spring Day is nice and Not today is nice too. This is insane +283 -15

7. BTS was there in ARMY's Spring Day +259 -13

8. Warm spring day, come to us +250 -12

9. Spring Day is really nice. It was raining today and the song fit the weather perfectly ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ *feeling emotional +248 -12

10. As expected from BTS!!! I'm a fanboy so I feel sad that I can't be an active fan but I'm supporting from the back!!! I hope you will always do well~ ^^ +239 -9

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