[Article] 170223 4th week of February, discovery of the week - Domestic : "BTS" and 7 others

Among the domestic albums released every week, we introduce the albums worth paying attention to in our "Discovery of the week - domestic" corner. Please meet the new songs in various genres released by domestic artists right now!
Written by Kim Bonghyun (music critic), Bae Soontak (music critic)

Spring Day - BTS

This is the extended album of "Wings" which stood in the center of domestic and international attention in 2016. They released a new album by adding 4 new songs. But since these new songs are added into an existing album, it would fit more as a "series" rather than an extension. In the past, BTS releases "school trilogy" and they are still continuing "narrative on growth". This time they said they reached for "comfort" as the theme. "Spring Day" is the representative song. Interpretation depends on the listeners but BTS sends us unforgettable waves through their song and music video which reminds us of the Sewol Ferry tragedy. The lyrical melody makes the song stand out. "Not Today" is far intense. This is an effective combo of moombahton and eurodance. It sends you a strong uppercut. If we look at the song simply, the intro is moombahton, eurodance chorus and the bridge is the combination of the two. Other than these two, there's the house song "Wings: Outro" and "A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone" which clearly shows the musical identity of BTS. Although it's just 4 new songs, you will not feel like they did not waste time making the album . (by Bae Soontak)

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