[Article] 170223 BTS is the first Korean artist to enter the US Billboard 200 for 4 times in a row, "Splendid Achievement"

Group BTS made a splendid achievement of entering the US Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200" with 4 consecutive albums.

On 22nd, according to the recent chart revealed by Billboard (2017 March 4th), BTS's new album "You Never Walk Alone" entered "Billboard 200" at No. 61.

Thus, BTS has set the unprecedented history in KPOP of entering "Billboard  200" with 4 consecutive albums s

BTS had previously entered "Billboard 200" with "HYYH pt 2" in December 2015 at No. 171, "HYYH Young Forever" in May 2016 at No. 107, "WINGS" in 2016 December at No. 26, and entered the chart with their new album again in a row, an unprecedented record in the history of KPOP.

That's not all. BTS ranked No. 15 on "Bubbling Under Hot 100", No. 1 on "Social 50", No. 1 on "World Album Chart", No. 35 on "Canadian Album Chart", No. 21 on "Artist 100 Chart", and many other Billboard charts.

BTS entered the "World Digital Song Chart" with Spring Day at No. 1, Not Today at No. 2, A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone at No.3, and Outro: WINGS at No.4. The group made a splendid achievement of entering all of their new songs on the chart.

Previously, Billboard published a column on BTS entering the "Bubbling Under Hot 100" at No. 15, highly praising them, "The feat is truly unprecedented given K-pop's history on Billboard's singles chart.".

 "The Bubbling Under Hot 100 acts as an extension of the 25 songs that have yet to chart on the definitive Hot 100 singles chart and are just below the top 100 slots. Like the main Hot 100 chart, rankings are based on sales, radio airplay and streaming data. "

BTS will continue promoting on music shows with their first comeback stage on the 23rd broadcast of Mnet "M Countdown".

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1. As expected. God-tan Sonyeondan is the best! +553 -9

2. I'm looking forward to Not Today more.... +476 - 7

3. I hope you will continue to be more successful +474 -8

4. heol...daebak +442 -6

5. I'm proudㅜㅜ  +423 -5

6. As expected from BTS. They're currently the hottest KPOP idol!! They've entered the chart for the fourth time. This isn't common. They just didn't stop with their first entry. This proves that they have core international fans who continuously listens to their music. They have great songs and group choreography, they interact well with theie fans and they're the Korean singer who makes us proud wherever they perform +107 -3

7. BTS accomplished what no one else could... entering the Billboard itself means a lot but this is their fourth entry (shivers) +95 -2

8. Let's enter the Hot 100 with your next album +89 -2

9. God-tan Sonyeondan who travels around the world with music. Fighting! +85 -2

10. BTS who we trust listening to! Singer should make great songs indeed! +81 -2

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