[Article] 170223 BTS under controversy for plagiarizing Big Bang's stage... "Identical stage management and setting"

Group BTS's stage at Gaon Chart Music Awards is accused of copying Big Bang's 10th-anniversary concert stage due to the similar stage setup. 

On the 22nd, BTS won the "V LIVE Global Popularity" award and "Artist of the Year - Fourth Quarter" award at the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards in Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

On this stage, BTS played a VCR on the giant screen for their stage performance. Before the song began to play, "No Signal" in red colored font appeared with the static noise and the no signal screen on the giant screen behind the stage. 

However, after the broadcast, some accused that BTS had copied Big Bang's stage setting.

They pointed out that it was similar to the setting that was used on TOP's solo stage at Big Bang's 10th-anniversary concert which was held back in August.

A netizen claimed the video that was played during TOP's "Act Like Nothing's Wrong" solo stage at Big Bang's concert was similar to the video played during BTS's stage at Gaon Chart Music Awards when you compare the two.

Some Big Bang fans especially said, "The details and setting are identical". They demanded an explanation and apology from BTS by using the hashtag "노 시그널 사과해 주세요" (Please apologize (regarding) No Signal)

On the other hand, some of the netizens commented, "Using no signal screen as a stage setting is common.".

BTS's company BigHit Entertainment drew a line by addressing this issue to the media. They said, "Staffs of BTS did not prepare the stage setup. The setting and the video were all prepared by the event organizers.".

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1. I think rather than the actual VIPs, I think we have more VIP pretenders who are attacking BTS because they've found the opportunity. I think VIPs are asking for the explanation and apology regarding the stage setting but the pretenders are leaving excessive malicious comments which don't even make any sense. I think BigHit should announce a clear official statement for the sake of BTS. Don't just try to evade by saying "we didn't participate in planning the stage". Also, I believe Gaon, the source of this controversy should absolutely announce a feedback. +368 -26

2. Listen, do you think there could be any idol group that could say "This is plagiarism. We can't perform today" during their rehearsal on the day of the event when Gaon Chart had planned everything before and when this isn't even their own concert? Gaon, please give us feedback +559 -90

3. BTS's company stated that the stage was prepared by Gaon so have nothing to do with this since they did not prepare the stage. Gaon, do you think this is unfair? Or is this the truth? Please give some feedback... +283 -21

4. Gaon please give us feedback this is a sensitive issue already +235 -7

5. They didn't just copy the stage. I think it's safe for us to say that they have brought back Big Bang's stage  +131 -8

6. They said BTS couldn't participate due to their busy schedules but Big Bang participate in stage directing and they also write their songs during their world tour so does it make sense...? +342 -91
ㄴ It's not that BTS couldn't participate in stage directing due to their busy schedules. It says in the article that they just didn't take part in planning +64 -19
ㄴ (commenter 6) but fans said BTS couldn't participate in planning because they were busy? +58 -16
ㄴ I don't know what you're talking about... please read the article properly +22 -24

7. Okay so Gaon please give us a feedback.. ha... hurry up and apologize or do whatever you have to do... +68 -3

8. The two stage setups were identical in every way and I wouldn't have to explain the reason why. YG choreographer posted about this and TOP's sister and Dong Hyunbae also liked this post. Big Bang fans only want an apology. Bighit might think this problem would end if they say they have nothing to do with this stage setup but BTS members attended Big Bang's concert twice so we believe it's right for Bighit to apologize regarding this. It's not like they didn't have any controversies before so I hope the company handles them well so there won't be any issue in the future +250 -64

9. This is ridiculous considering BTS members had attended Big Bang's concert, watched MADE movie, and call themselves Big Bang fans until this day and Gaon officials who copied the stage that was personally directed and built by TOP-nim for their concert. Even if they could not change the VCR, why couldn't they have just switched it off? I wonder if you would have done this if Big Bang and VIPs were present at the ceremony. Seriously YG should use their power during times like this +245 -63

10. Please stop sending direct messages to YG stage director;;; and I heard someone tried to hack the account too. Why are some fans trying to do this when the stage director posted this on their own account... +65 -5

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