[Article] 170223 Even writer Kim Eunsook likes BTS

We were able to guess who is writer Kim Eunsook's favorite idol in her recent scripts and settings. It's the very "trend of the trend" BTS.

Their relationship is quite well-known among the fans. BTS's member Suga's spelling was reversed as "AGUS", the bad guy from last year's hottest drama "DOTS". The first love of Kang Moyeon (Song Hyekyo) and Yoon Myungjoo (Kim Jiwon) during their university days in the drama was "Yoongi" oppa, which is the real name of Suga. There was a computer code that briefly appeared in one of the scenes and it was "0309" and the fans explained this was Yoongi's birthday.

BTS's song was played openly on "Goblin". During episode 9 which was broadcasted on December 30th, Secretary Kim (Cho Woojin) reported the list of graduation gifts for Ji Euntak (Kim Goeun) to President Yoo (Kim Sunggyeom). President Yoo asked who was BTS and Secretary Kim casually danced and sing to a part of BTS's "Boy in Luv".

Writer Kim Eunsook was proving that she is indeed a fan of BTS. The script had the line from BTS's song "Why are you shaking my heart?" and she added, "You should dance to the song gently". Actor Cho Woojin also played an important role in executing this scene smoothly.

He also danced to EXO's Growl and during an interview last month he revealed, "Writer Kim Eunsook likes BTS a lot. I watched choreography videos on Youtube for many days for that scene. I wanted to express the unique vibes of ahjae into the moves for more entertainment. I also referred to the video of Yoo Jaesuk dancing to idol songs. I just followed what was written in the script but I'm embarrassed because it looked like I danced better than in real life.".

We wonder if BTS related keywords would appear in her future works or if she would choose to mention another idol.

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