[Article] 170224 BTS wins No. 1 on Music Bank on their comeback week...

Group BTS won the first place on Music Bank on their comeback week. Red Velvet, unfortunately, could not win the first place for 3 weeks straight.

On the 17th broadcast of KBS2 Music Bank, BTS won the trophy with their new song "Spring Day". This is BTS's triple crown on music shows on the first week of their comeback, starting from their win on MBC Music "Show Champion", Mnet "M Countdown", including "Music Bank".

On this day, BTS performed charismatic "Not Today" and sentimental "Spring Day", showing off their complete different charms.

During their acceptance speech, BTS revealed, "We're happy to win the first place followed by our yesterday's win. We are grateful to ARMYs who came here today.". BTS electrified their fans by keeping the promise they made as the first place pledge which was their own creative dance.

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1. Congrats BTS +2799 -407

2. BTS, congrats on your winning on Music Bank followed by M Countdown! The stages are really nice... Red Velvet and Twice are gorgeous too~ +2278 -251

3. I don't usually watch music shows but I waited from 30 minutes before the broadcast because BTS and TWICE are backㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but I realize why they're the top trending boy and girl groups whenever I watch their stage... they're really amazing... guys and girls can't help falling in love with these idolsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're just f*cking handsome and beautiful. Congrats to BTS for winning the first place!!!!!!!!! +2778 -446

4. wow they won the first place. BTS congrats and you guys all look amazing on stage. Fighting for your new promotion! +2161 -288

5. You are the best. Purple you +1980 277

6. Spring Day is such a wonderful song.... TWICE's Knock Knock is really addictive too +501 -50

7. TWICE members looked so refreshing and lovely on stage. I'm just sad the camera couldn't capture their stage well, I had to tilt my neck to watch their faces... Congratulations BTS! Your stage looked really pretty +412 -40

8. BTS, let's only walk on Spring Day! Red Velvet, you guys worked hard too. And congrats to TWICE for their comeback! +409 -41

9. ARMYs are really powerful (shivers) The fanchants were amazing and their stage was cool too. Congrats~ +400 -38

10. Congrats on winning No. 1 with Spring Day! +316 -28

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