[Article] 170227 BTS to release hand cream on the 28th... "feels like they'd be sold out"

BTS will be releasing their star collaboration items starting with hand cream on the 28th and other items like travel carriers and backpacks.

Star collaboration product company JSMD revealed, "Starting with the release of BTS hand cream on the 28th, items like back pack and carriers will be released soon.".

BTS hand cream is a 7 item set that has images of each member in the packaging. They designed the items to accentuate the unique vibes of BTS even in the packaging. Hand cream contains shea butter to provide nourish your dry hands and nails due to the change of seasons. It's moist, non-sticky and absorbs quickly. The texture is light so your hands will not feel sticky even after several application.

BTS travel carriers and backpacks which are collaboration products by BTS's company Bighit Entertainment and JSMD will be released as well.

BTS began their world tour on 18th at Gocheok Dome and the travel carrier and back pack reflect BTS's life style and these products are designed with various detachable logos and names of each member.

JSMD revealed, "All products are global quality standard to suit the image of BTS who owns a global fandom. We worked hard to create products that will satisfy the fans who love BTS and ordinary consumers. We have been receiving inquiries from buyers in Japan, Asia, and South America regarding distribution. We are able to feel the global popularity of BTS.".

The fans and the industry are highly anticipating to see the influence power of the global influential top idol group BTS and JSMD's collaboration products. BTS collaboration products will be available on JSMD Shopping Mall.

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