[Article] 170301 [SCZOOMIN] BTS has male fans in 30s... "Blood Sweat & Tears" climbs up the charts again

Group BTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears" remains as a steady seller with the support of their male fans.

Although it's been 4 months since the release oTS's "Blood Sweat & Tears", released on last October, the song climbed up on the charts again and re-entered the Top 10. The song already swept the No. 1 spots on major music sites when it was released and received great responses but even though they had released the new song "Spring Day", the group's previous title track still remains on the top spot. The song is climbing back up and it's showing potentials of a long run.

The increase in BTS's public perception plays a role in "Blood Sweat & Tears" receiving attention as a steady seller song but it's been said that the digital performance has risen due to new additional male fans. The song was promoted through word-of-mouth and listeners outside their fandom are listening to the song. According to the male and female user ratio (based on Melon), they have gained many male fans in the 20s and 30s.

We need to pay special attention to the fact that more number of male users in 30s search and listen to BTS's songs compared to female listeners in 30s. As for BTS, they have been receiving unconditional support from 10~20s female fans but their fandom has expanded with more different age groups. Male listeners in 20s and 30s who listen to "Blood Sweat & Tears" completed 22% and 13% of the overall listeners.

BTS who is now supported by male fans who are knowns as "Shy fandom" will be moving to the global stage again. According to the recent chart (2017 March 11th) revealed by Billboard on the 27th, BTS's new album "You Never Walk Alone" ranked No. 151 on Billboard 200. They're remaining on the chart for 2 weeks straight since their entry last week at No. 61.

BTS is the first Korean artist to enter "Billboard 200" for the 6th time. This proves that BTS is receiving constant love from around the word. This achievement is more meaningful since they did not promote in the US and released Korean albums. 

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1. I think BTS is successful because they're showing us colors which we never saw before? ㅠㅠ I'm really, really proud and I love you. I will support you foreverㅠㅠ I'm so proud of you to hear that male users in 30s are listening to your songㅠㅠ This is hard for boy groups... fightingㅠㅠ and please stay healthy always! +48 -3

2. there are many female fans in 30~40s too +34 -0

3. Let's continue to expand the fandom age group!! +39 -4

4. It might seem like the majority of BTS fans are teenagers but I'm so proud to see that they have fans from teenagers to 40s. So cool +21 -0

5. It's because of their good quality music. Mixing is great and they lead the trend so you can't help liking them. We see every group coming out with moombahton genre songs after "Blood Sweat & Tears" +15 -0

6. Even my two daughters are BTS fans and now their mom is a BTS fan too~ It looks like they have good characters and I support you ^^ +6 -0

7. Lately they gained more family fans in 30s and 40s and this helped to increase their male fans~ wives turn their husbands in 30s into BTS fans and parents who are in 40s become their fans because of their children so this is increasing their family fans~ BTS creates various types of music so we all look for our favorite song and listen to them. Most male fans go for rap and elders prefer ballad~ But they all like Blood Sweat & Tears and Let me know. BTS's live performance videos are popular and many male fans watch their choreography videos~ BTS's strength is that they have various charms~ +5 -0

8. I wish they'd pay more attention to domestic recognition. I like reading articles like this but there are too many people immediately running to negative articles.. They have tight tour schedules but they still appear on variety shows. You're amazing. Appearing on variety shows is the best way to gain fans from various age groups. Bighit, please pay attention +6 -1

9. I'm a BTS fan at this age too. I support them! The members are really nice and they make me like them more the more I watch them!! I'm so happy because of BTS's presence!  +3 -0

10. This is because of their good music. Blood Sweat & Tears is a very unique song but it reach captures your ears and it has the charm which makes you never get tired of it +2 -0

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