[Article] ""Spring Day" reminds of Sewol Ferry tragedy? We will leave various interpretations open."

BTS leader Rap Monster personally answered to the "WINGS Extension" controversy. "We will accept criticisms and critical remarks."

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon, 23, photo) is the leader who leads BTS and the main rapper of the group. With his unique and deep voice, he delivers meaningful rap and he has a charismatic look. He is also a singer with an outstanding brain. The message Rap Monster delivered to the reporters and fans at BTS "WINGS" World Tour in Seoul on 18th was certainly unique.

BTS successfully held their "BTS 2017 Live Trilogy EPISODE III <THE WINGS TOUR>in Seoul" together with 20,000 fans at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 18th. This concert is the final episode of BTS's tour and it was also the show that began their 2017 world tour.

Moreover, this concert was much more meaningful to all members of BTS, their fans, and the reporters because this was their first show in front of their Korean fans after setting wonderful records in Korean music charts and as well as the US Billboard and UK charts last year with "WINGS". On this day, Rap Monster seemed like he thought about the message they expressed with "WINGS Extension" which captures and completes the stories they could not include in "WINGS".

"Spring Day" is the title track of "WINGS Extension". The title contains many meanings and even without any emphasis, one can feel the significance of the recent social issues.
When we looked into the song closely, we found various parts that reminded us of social issues and keywords, etc. As for their song, "Spring Day", it did. The station name that appears in the music video "Songchu" changed to "Pohang" (where the group memorial altar of Sewol Ferry is located) and the scenes of Jimin watching the sea somewhat reminded us of Sewol Ferry tragedy. Regarding this, Rap Monster said, "We wish to leave various interpretations open.", but he did not deny to the music video reminding us of the tragedy. 

Rap Monster also personally answered to the issue raised by glass ceiling used in their song "Not Today". Rap Monster personally defined the meaning of glass ceiling and the meaning of the term in the society and said he had looked into the recent issue. He also said he knew about the comment that pointed out, "Does BTS have the right to shout glass ceiling?". Rap Monster said BTS will humbly accept the criticisms and judgments but they will not stay silent to the irrationalities of the society.

After the press conference, Rap Monster performed his role as the leader and the main rapper on the stage for about 3 hours, performing over 20 songs. With "2!3!" and "Spring Day" stages remaining, Rap Monster revealed his thoughts as he tried to catch his breath. 

"I think it's great to be together. Being a part of BTS and to have people supporting me by my side. I think it's really great to be able to make something with people working together with you. When you don't have people who will listen to your music, your music might just be a frequency or noise.  As long as we're together, as our album title says, I believe that Spring Day will come and I have no doubt. Let's put on our wings and fly to the Spring Day,"

IT was a serious and cool confession by Rap Monster which made us realize the dignity of BTS's leader.

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