[Article/Interview] 170212 Actor Do Jihan mentioned BTS V during his AtoZ Interview and The Star Box

I. What kind of person am I? Am I a bright person, unlike my appearance? I was chosen as the person with the bad first impression during our "Entertainment Weekly" interview. The friends said I had the worst first impression. I think I look like that when I stay still without talking. (Did they say you looked better later?) I'm not sure. (Maknae V's group BTS will be holding their concert on February 18th~19th, were you invited?) Of course. I'm going to go if I have time. Taehyung told me to come watch the show when I have time. 

The second mission (red) was "make a surprise call". He had to call his Hwarang co-actors and hear certain replies from each of them. Among "I miss you", "I love you" and "You're the handsomest", what could be the phrase Do Jihan chose to hear from BTS V? You can watch their telephone conversation in "The Star Box" Do Jihan episode video that is attached to the original article. HERE


Do Jihan: Hello?
V: Hello?
Do Jihan: Where are you now?
V: I'm going to be attending Jungkook, our maknae's graduation ceremony.
Do Jihan: Indeed~ you're sweet.
V: Why? Where are you, hyung?
Do Jihan: Right now, hyung is.... I'm doing an interview now.
V: Okay.
Do Jihan: I have a question for you.
V: Yes.
Do Jihan: Who is the most handsome person among us?
V: Among us? Among our hyungs?
V: I think it's Minho hyung!
Hansung: "It's not Banryu"
V: But it's not you~
Do Jihan: Bye!
V: No! It's you, it's you.
Do Jihan: You heard that, right? Thanks, Taehyung~
V: Yes~
Do Jihan: Hyung will call you later, okay?
V: Okay~
Do Jihan: Taehyung, I love you~!
(around 3:12 to 4:02)

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