[Instiz] 170218 The one placard that's really bringing a bad name to the whole fandom

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1. perhaps the harmful effect of a translator..?
ㄴ but if that was written by a Korean fan, I have no words... this is sexual harassment...

2. Jimin... please close your eyes...ㅠㅠ

3. ah... that's really awful... that's just sexual harassment... Jimin, please don't see things like thatㅠㅠㅠ

4. Someone said Jimin saw this banner
ㄴ what?? is this real??
ㄴ yes and he kind of frowned before passing..

5. that's like an unrecyclable piece of trash...

6. Please let Jimin only look at his own nipples...

7. can't the staffs confiscate or ask the fan to leave the concert hall?

8. I'm just amazed by how she can hold her placard so poudly

9. I hope you will reveal your nipples first before asking others to.. what is that...

10. ...? where is this photo from...
ㄴ I think it was the program book...? what is that thing...?

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