[Misc] 170203 Jin's Kakao Talk convo and letters to Jungle Family members

Screenshot of the KakaoTalk here

Sleepy hyung
(sends him the letter he wrote)
Sleepy hyung
When someone is better off than you, s/he's your senior
If a guy has more money than he's your hyung

Hyung let's go eat
King crab

Sleepy hyung
That sounds good, hyung

ah, I should upload this too

Photo of the original handwritten letter here

To Solbi noona,

Noona, the day when the three of us, noona, Sleepy hyung and I had to survive on our own seems like it was only yesterday but it's the last broadcast already. People around me said noona's funny and they're going crazy because they like you. I'm jealous because people around me kept complaining that I only tell ahjae jokes...
Anyway, thanks to you, noona I was able to gain a lot of strength at the jungle.  You nursed me too.. By the way, I think you shouldn't nurse people. I've never seen someone stuffing the sick person's mouth with a water bottle when they're lying down. I'm grateful that you gave me water because I was dehydrated but... how can I say this... I felt like a water dispenser with a giant bottle attached to it. But you still looked after me and I'm thankful to you for taking good care of me because I was a pretty young brother. We should all go to the jungle again. Promising for that day to come, adios!

-Water Dispenser Seokjin-

Photo of the original handwritten letter here

Sleepy hyung,
The day we screamed when we saw the snake and the crab and screamed for no reason seems like yesterday but it's the last broadcast already. We promised to see outside (t/n: after Law of the Jungle). Hyung, let's go eat that crab we couldn't eat last time. Let's make it king crab. Ah, right. You told me this when we were on the plane. "Person who buys you a meal is your hyung". I remembered this suddenly when I went to eat with my father and I told him, "Father, Sleepy hyung said the person who buys you a meal is your hyung!" and I got told off ㅠㅠ
I miss you. Let's keep in touch, hyung.

-Hyung who bought you tteokbokki. Jin-

Photo of the original handwritten letter here

To Seokjin!!

It's our last episode already... I'm sad...
I was uncomfortable at first because you have so many fans and it felt awkward but I was able to open my mind more thanks to your friendly personality and ahjae jokes ^^
I'm sorry I couldn't laugh harder... and I'm sad that I couldn't take more care of you but the time we had together was really, really fun!
You would have both happy and sad days during your schedules but I hope you will stay strong by remembering the precious days you had at the jungle and I know that many relations we form by working in this (entertainment) industry don't last long but our relation was meaningful. I hope you will remember our meaningful times...
Stay healthy always. I will pray for you to be happy and stay positive like how you were at the jungle... Fighting!


PS. You're an variety-talented person unexpectedlyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Beautiful cousin noona Solbi-

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