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"Glass ceiling" is the word applied to women and members of minorities. And if we interpret this in a feminism approach, they are men (BTS) who are the privileged group so they can't tell women to break it.. I think most of you were praising BTS when someone mentioned that this is a feminist word but "glass ceiling" is an unbreakable wall to some people even if they try their best and for these women/minorities it's wrong for men who created this in the first place to tell the ones underneath the glass ceiling to break it.

I think the first issue is that we're "praising" BTS by connecting "glass ceiling" with feminism

I think BTS would have used this line to represent 1) glass ceiling that's preventing the women from entering high society or 2) the wall between hip hop and idol

널 가두는 유리천장따윈 부셔 (from Not Today) 
Break that glass ceiling that's imprisoning you

(T/N: 널 is the shortened form of 너를)

If we think this glass ceiling is the wall that's preventing women from entering high society
너 (you) = women
And since it tells "you" to break it, it means that they're telling the women to break the glass ceiling
But this is the strange part because they are men who created the glass ceiling and as men they're telling the "women" to break this glass ceiling.

This is currently a controversy because they're being praised for using "glass ceiling"

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1. But I don't understand why "you" is considered as women haha
(T/N: about 11 commenters agreed with this)

2. let's ignore
ㄴ Glass ceiling is not a word applied to women only and I can clearly see the intentions of antis trying to connect the dots. We just have to ignore them.

3. but they're not like saying "yeah, you guys break it"
ㄴ the title of the album itself is "You Never Walk Alone".. Namjoon is a man but he expressed that he's aware of this problem ㅋㅋㅋ I don't get why he's being attacked for this

4. I think they used the term "glass ceiling" in a broad sense. Not only the definition of preventing the women from advancing in the society but something bigger than that

5. ??? I'm against this theory. This isn't a song for only female listeners either
ㄴ It's more like let's break this invisible wall in front of us

6. 널 가두는 유리천장따윈 부셔 , you can't conclude the meaning/gender of the subject with "you"

7. The title of this song isn't "To. Women" so I don't understand this controversy
ㄴ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Ikr there is no direct subject in the sentence

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