[Misc] 170224 Gaon's official feedback + telephone conversation

Hello. This is secretariat of Gaon Chart Music Awards.

The following is our statement regarding the stage plagiarism of BTS at 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

We have confirmed with the producer of our company's award ceremony and the producing company replied regarding the VCR used on BTS's stage. The producing company had not monitored enough  and it has been confirmed that they did not explain or demonstrate the content to BTS thoroughly before the actual stage.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable due to this issue.

We apologize.

We also thank for your interest and love for Gaon Chart Music Awards. 

Thank you.

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Gaon call agent: First of all, this is not a plagiarism.
Fan: Okay.
Gaon call agent: The "no signal" video effect is- please hold on.
Gaon call agent: The "no signal" video effect is a common effect used by many video creators.
Gaon call agent: It was only similar. No one will think this is a plagiarism.

(audio here)
Gaon call agent: Legally this is not plagiarism but the content looked similar, right?
Gaon call agent: So regarding this- as for plagiarism the contents have to be identical. This is different from songs. A song can be plagiarism if another composer uses a line of some melodies but for videos it's different.
Gaon call agent: But due to the similarity, the first creators said they are displeased so we apologized regarding this.

Gaon said this is not a plagiarism by law but they apologized because there were some people who were displeased by it. They did not apologize for plagiarizing. Their apology is addressed to the people who were displeased by the similarity.

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