[Notice] 170211 The complaint progress regarding spreading falsehood and defaming BTS

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This is BigHit Entertainment.

In November 2016, our company announced we will take strong legal action against the online malicious rumors, falsehood, personal attacks, etc that defame BTS members and the company. We are here to inform you the present progression of legal charges and complaints.

After thoroughly categorizing over 240,000 pieces of evidence and data reported to the company during the past two months, our company law firm has prepared several complaints after categorizing cases which are applicable to under the current law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information (defamation), etc. 
For those who left imprudent malicious rumors, falsehood, and posts that attacked BTS personally and harmed the members severely, our company law firm will request an official investigation to the district police station by early next week. Furthermore, based on the result of police investigation we will take every available legal action without any settlements.

BigHit Entertainment will continue to take strict legal actions and we will not tolerate distorted and personal attacks made by some netizens against our artist's creative work, music performance, their private life, etc.
Thank you.

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