[PANN] 161213 +) I started to play the piano again thanks to BTS Suga

I played the piano ever since I was little so I was proud of my talent and many told me that I played well although I was young..
But when I used to play the piano, we had this yellow thing and when you press a button it would glow a red flame like a mosquito coil and I thought this was just a flash and I stuck my finger inside this thing and it was actually a lighter... I went to school with a burn on my finger and when my best friend saw my finger she said, "ah this makes me happy. I really hated watching you play the piano. I wished I could break your god damn finger but you injured it yourself.".. I was shocked and for 5 years I was bullied ㅠㅜ
This made me hate piano and I used to curse at it while I slammed it with a stickㅜㅜ..ㅎ

My friend is a fan of BTS and she played one of the songs from their album for me to listen and when I heard Suga's song.. I felt like something struck my head from the back...?
My happiest moment in my life was when I used to play the piano...
So I started my piano lessons again!!
I used to play the piano well when I was little because my fingers used to be more flexible
Although my fingers are less flexible now since I'm not young anymore... I'm not good compared to before but I'm learning from the basic again!! Thank you BTS Suga for helping me play the piano again ㅠㅠ

heok... ㅠㅠ thank you for the comforting comments
No one has told me things like these before.. I was attacked by BTS Suga's sng and now I'm attacked again by the supportive comments left by BTS fans ㅜㅜ!!
Thanksㅠㅠ I'm listening to many other songs from BTS's album
These days I'm learning the names of other members too!! I think I might join their fandom soon ㅠㅠ There aren't many singers who console their fans with their music.. they're a cool group and their fans are equally cool too ㅎㅎ thank you. I will practice playing the piano more!!♥

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1. It's good to hear that you were able to stand up again thanks to our Yoongi. Forget all your bad memories and get up and run forward! I'm not Yoongi but I still feel proud whenever I read posts like this. I hope our Yoongi will read this. I wish he could know that there's a person who is trying to achieve her dream again after giving up thanks to him. This is a great news in many ways! "박살난 어깰 부여잡고 말했지 나 더 이상은 못하겠다고 포기하고싶던 그때마다 곁에서 넌 말했지 새꺄 너는 진짜 할수있다고" and "내가 널 밀어내고 널 만난걸 원망해도 넌 꿋꿋이 내 곁을 지켰지 말안해도" crossed my mind when I read the part where you said you cursed while slamming your piano with a stick. Anyway, I'm proud to hear that Yoongi helped you work for your dream again! Promise me that you'll get up again and run forward no matter how many times you fall in the future! +27 -1

2. heol wow Min Yoongi did it again... OP, you made the right decision. We should do things that make us happy! You went through a tough time... hmm this is what we tell Yoongi but OP, thank you for enduring. You didn't write in your post but I think you would have gone through many hard moments. Please don't give up since you've started again and I hope you will work hard ㅎㅎ Accelerate harder when you think you're going to crash!! I'll be cheering, fighting♡ +15 -1

3. Thanks... I wish I could deliver this message to Yoongi... It was hard, isn't it? People who do music should tell their stories with music and convey their emotions with their music as well. BTS said they want people who listen to their music to never lose hope and run towards their dream. I should say thank you to OP instead, for helping BTS to achieve their dream +15 -1

4. I stopped playing the piano after Mozart Sonata but one day I was completely in love with the piano. After taking a 2 year break, I began to learn it again since 2016 September and since I only took a short break, my fingers began to move like before after 3 months of practices. what I want to say is that I want to congratulate you because I think your passion for piano has returned again and I know you can do it! Your hands will start becoming flexible again so please don't give up and work hard! I'll be cheering~~ +13 -1

5. It was tough, isn't it? You endured it well. I will support your dream. Fighting :) +4 -1

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