[PANN] 170202 Idols who prove "best things come in small packages"

Taeyeon, Taeil, Seo Eunkwang, Woozi, Dohee, G Dragon, Jimin, D.O, Taeyang (I added after reading your comments)

and he's not an idol but Ha Hyunwoo was well.

These artists may be small in size but they're explosive vocalists with great talent or they have great talent in other areas. When I see people like them, I realize that best things come in small packages.

If there are other artists who are talented and tough but small in size, please tell me!
They don't have to be idols!

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Response +462 -24

1. Lee Minhyuk is short but he succeeded his 183 or 185cm high jump and he even jumped over 2.7m on Dream Team. He's daebak and he's a rapper and a vocalist... +159 -12

2. Yoseob! +114 -10

3. What does body size have to do with one's talent? +98 -15

4. Our Jimin may be short but he has good body proportion and he's a talented dancer. His moves are elegant and he has abs too. Park Jimin, I love you +35 -11

5. I thought you were going to talk about Jimin's precognitive dream when I saw "small chili peppers" ... +28 -16

(T/N: Literal translation of the original title 작은고추가 맵다 is "small chili peppers are spicy". However, it's an expression that's similar to "best things come in small packages".)

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