[PANN] 170204 +) edit) ++ edited again) I mean you guys are f*cking pissing me off; you guys need to stop slandering BTS...

+) I didn't want to reveal my fandom so I chose not to upload the proof shot but so many of you commented me to prove so here;
I'm sorry to ARMYs because of the comments that said I was an ARMY cosplaying/pretending to be from another fandom...

++) wow some of your comments are f*cking hilarious for real~ even when I showed you guys that I belong in another fandom so many of you don't believe me. I'm saying this again but I don't belong in both fandoms and I'm not an ARMY :) and I've seen many idols being slandered here but the reason why I wrote this post is because I was so mad after seeing the post that slandered BTS Rap Mon's face.. ㅎㅎ;; I've said this in my original post too but I'm not saying you shouldn't ONLY NOT slander BTS. Please, let's make a healthy fandom culture without attacking all idols personally. ^^

I'm really from another fandom but why are you guys slandering BTS so muchㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ?

I tried to stay out of this because I don't belong in their fandom but I think you guys don't know your limits.

You should properly criticize if BTS members have done something wrong but why are you dying because you can't slander BTS enough with their face, skin trouble, etc?

Even just now there was a post that slandered Rap Monster's face and I got f*cking goosebumps all over when I saw the number of upvotes. I was f*cking sad when I tried to imagine this happening to my own idol;

Of course, most idols are slandered on PANN (this is the real problem..) but I think you guys are especially harsh to BTS.. Are you going to deny? Seriously, try to be real honest with yourself... If you have something called conscience, you will know. Comments that mention BTS are always bombed with downvotes, am I wrong? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

People who slander BTS or other idols... especially the people who slander other idols have no right to get upset when others slander your own idol. You're also a malicious commenter like the one that slanders your idol if you slander other idols...

I'm sure this post will be bombed with downvotes but I just hope we could create a clean fandom culture where we understand each fandom and idols *sighs* ㅠㅠ

Anyway, I hope BTS will do well for this comeback.. they've always done well...

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Mamamoo fan
1. hm I'm not OP and I'm from another fandom too. I'm one of the people who read the post that slandered Rap Monster's face. But guys. slandering someone's face, making fun of them and snickering are really terrible things to do, isn't it? And to some of the commenters I see below, imagine many people who don't even know you in person laughing, pointing out and cursing at your face... It's going to really make you mad. Proving our fandom would be very important for you guys but you should know to be a little polite, don't you think? This isn't like the first time we're seeing a post that made fun of Rap Mon's face. Have you ever thought this is honestly too harsh? +211 -3

2. I'm sure the twisted people will comment "again? ok, next ARMY please~" and ask you to prove your fandom. Anyway, thank you OP ㅠㅅㅠ +171 -3

3. Thank you for your concern... After becoming a fan of BTS, my mental turned like the Buddha... +171 -6
ㄴ I'm EXO L and considering the negative posts which were posted on PANN until just now, don't you think this just proves that there are many antis who are jealous of BTS? BTS is really popular these days and honestly, this means you will have haters. Even our boys were slandered a lot since their debut... however, the pain is temporary, they will surely pass, and we will see many positive posts about BTS in the future! I know that my words will not comfort you but as a person who has been a sandbag on PANN, I can assure you that things will get better! Fighting to BTS for their comeback too! +28 -0
ㄴI really love this warm feeling we share like this...ㅜㅜㅜ +4 -0

(T/N: 부처가 되다/ 보살이다 is a common expression we use (we don't mean to offend any Buddhists). It's used to mean that one's mindset has reached the stage where one doesn't care about what others say, etc.) 

4. And last time when I saw the post slandering Rap Monster's face, I was like "is this OP crazy?" and scrolled down to see other users scolding the OP but I was shocked to see all comments agreeing with the OP and making personal attacks at Rap Mon. I realized that many users on PANN are thoughtless creatures.. +73 -0

5. I'll prove my fandom too. I think at least one negative post about BTS becomes a selected talk every day. When I click on the posts, they slander with things that don't even make sense but they still close their eyes and ears and slander them. I feel bad to the singers and their fans... I heard that they're making a comeback again so I hope BTS will do well for the haters to see +61 -0

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