[PANN] 170205 Idols who think they're unattractive

I watch a lot of idol videos and there's something I don't really understand
I've seen many idols who think they're unattractive

The beauty standard of our people- double eyelids, high nose, cherry-like lips, fair complexion, very small face, tall, slender people are considered the most beautiful...

But these features aren't easy for Koreans and Asians to have naturally and you guys are the people creating lookism.
Some of you slander at people when they look a little different from your beauty standards, calling them ugly and fat.
I'm sure those who slander others have been slandered a lot by people around you
You are the ones that are creating the beauty standards and let's please stop slandering female idols, especially about their looks. I get when some people criticize them for their singing or dancing but why the f*ck do you slander them with their face?
They're born like that so what do you expect them to do?
And when some of these idols decide to go under the knife because you call them ugly, you still f*cking go after them for going under the knife so what the f*ck do you want them to do?

These are the idols who think they're unattractive

I was watching a BTOB video and Ilhoon told Eunkwang that he saw someone who looked like Eunkwang and Eunkwang stared at him in shock and said "I'm sorry" or something along that line. I don't get why he had to apologize. People can look alike..hm..
I think Eunkwang always feel pressured to do something funny. He always makes funny faces and baboon imitations. I wish people will stop asking him to do those things and appear on more music programs like Yoo Heeyeol's Sketchbook since he's a good singer. 
Eunkwang is handsome so stop calling him names

During a radio show, the DJ asked Red Velvet to introduce themselves starting from the prettiest member and Yeri, Irene, Joy, and Seulgi greeted together at once but Wendy stayed still and greeted "I will greet at the end"...
Honestly, I don't get why she's slandered for her face. She's pretty, talented, great at cooking, and has a great personality too. Wendy, you're beautiful. I hope you will greet the listeners first next time.

I don't know what TWICE Jihyo has done wrong to be slandered so much for her face and some slander her for her talent as well. I was really surprised when she sang "Dream" on King of Mask Singer. She has a clear and beautiful voice. I saw some of you grouping her with other members and calling her untalented but I don't think she deserves all the hate. I've not seen Jihyo standing in the center when I look at TWICE group photos taken by journalists. She stands at the back or at the corner. Why are you guys slandering Jihyo for her face? I really don't understand.
Jihyo, you're lovely and pretty. Please be confident.

The reason why I decided to write this post is mostly because of J Hope. I think even his fans could have watched the video but on a show called "Bangtan Gayo", the members had to choose the penalties on their own and J Hope said let's take funny photos. He made a funny face and everything was fine until then but J Hope said he looks funny in photos even when he doesn't make funny faces and other members were like no, you've become more handsome lately and I felt really bad. And in a video of Suga dressed up as a girl, J Hope said "The 6 Flower boys" and he quietly added, "and a free rider". This made me feel strange... BTS members are all handsome. J Hope dances beautifully and his lyric-writing skill is amazing too. I think he's smart too. His rap sounds nice because of his unique voice and I think the younger members respect J Hope. His personality must be amazing since he's talented as well.
J Hope is handsome too so I hope you will stop saying things like that.

The above 4 people are idols who people can't slander based on their talent and in my opinion, they're all handsome and beautiful.
Let's stop judging people by their look. We're all precious and beautiful children at our own homes. People reading this post are beautiful and handsome so I hope you will not go to places like plastic surgery hospitals. Spend your money on your hobby instead. Buy a book, an album, go on a trip or get something to eat

How should I end this post, okay bye~

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Response +1039 -59

1. Jung Hoseok isn't ugly ㅠㅠㅜ You can tell he's handsome when you look at their recent concept photos ㅠㅠㅠ Hosik, I purple you ㅠㅠ let's meet on Feb 13th ㅠㅠㅠ +454 -86
ㄴ If people say he's ugly even after looking at this photo, we should just consider them f*cking useless ^^ +64 -3
ㄴ J Hope is good looking but he also has a very genuine personality. He surpasses an angel. BTS interacts with their fans a lot so you get to watch videos of them in their waiting room, dorm, car or wherever they go and he always has a smile on his face. You can tell his personality from the videos. Jimin always says J Hope is an indispensable member of the group and there's a good reason why he says this.. +87 -2
ㄴ Jung Hoseok is really my ideal type. His smile is so pretty +62 -2
ㄴOur Hoseok has a jjangjjang face and a personality +60 -2
ㄴ He's the only one who doesn't realize how handsome he is +48 -1
ㄴMy heart really hurts as their fan whenever Hoseok says he's not handsome. He's the most handsome person in my eyes ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I wish Hoseok would gain more confidence. I love you, Hoseokㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ♡ +50 -1

2. We're not worried about our Eunkwang because he has high self-esteem... he said it's okay for him to ruin his image because he's just a singerㅋㅋ I think my heart kind of breaks because he received so many malicious comments about his look during their early days. Anyway, it's okay because he looks handsome to me +339 -20

3. I hate variety shows because they always point out his face and say things like he doesn't have the face to become an idol and slander him openly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ My heart aches more when I see Eunkwang laughing it off; *f*cking handsome guy Seo Eunkwang, let's succeed more, more, more, more, more* +328 -21

4. wow as I scrolled down I was like  "Eunkwang...??? Wendy??? Jihyo??? J Hope???" Seriously, if they're ugly I don't know how some of you expect me to live... +123 -3

5. I felt so bad when Hoseok say things like what he said on "Bangtan Gayo"... Jung Hoseok is so handsome tho... Thanks (OP)! +97 -10

6. Our Hoseok is really handsome... thank you♡ +91 -10

7. Honestly, it's annoying when Jung Hoseok says he's ugly when he has this face. *furious* +82 -8

8. Jung Hoseok really doesn't realize how handsome he is. When members tell him that he has become more handsome lately and that Jin hyung should be nervous, J Hope turns shy and he tells them to stop because he thinks they're joking.. my heart breaks... +70 -7

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