[PANN] 170208 I think what some of you are doing to BTS Rap Mon is pretty harsh...

He's being brought down because of his looks by many and this doesn't only happen on PANN

BTS is gradually becoming more popular so the haters want to bring them down but the members don't have any dark pre-debut histories, they do well on live performances and they're talented so I've seen many cheap and low people slandering them by their looks 

These people always tell this line- "He is only good looking to your eyes only~ he doesn't look good in our eyes~ you guys are blinded for real~"

But here's the thing

Suli is being mentioned by many people
Look at the difference between how she's being judged by the public before she left f(x) and after she left the group

Objectively, Suli has a very pretty face

I've seen many people saying things like, "I like to have Suli's face if I just look at her face without judging her personality or whatnot.".

This explains how much one's personality and attitude play important roles in one's image

And idol fans are

unless they're fans who are only fans of their idols because of their looks, these fans support their idols because they fall in love with their personality, charms, talent, gestures, etc.

For instance, idol "A" has a particular personality and fans who support this idol would say things like "wow A's personality is like nice in many ways, and look at his/her face and body proportion too (shivers)"

Celebrities, especially the idols have to be good looking, talented, charming, and attractive since the public expects a lot from them

But I guess to some of you,  looks come before idol's talent?

Rap Monster's rapping talent has been recognized by famous rappers in Korea and overseas

It may sound easy to you but he is a composer, lyricist and a producer

Rap Monster might not have the features of a typical handsome but try imagining how you'd feel when people who you don't even know laughing and snickering while they look at your photo and then making fun of your face

How would you feel? 

I honestly don't think it's normal for one person to abuse someone verbally but slandering another person's face

Did any of us living in this world get to choose the way we look presently before we came to this world?

If some of us aren't born according to the beauty standards approved by everyone, do you think s/he should be blamed? Do you think they deserve to be hated?

Rap Monster is just another person who wants to do music.

I think it's going to be very frustrating and hard for him to understand because many people are judging his looks rather than recognizing his talent when he's a rapper

To those who slander celebrities because of the way they look, what do you guys want from them?

It would be possible for the actor or singer to improve their talent when we tell them that they need to improve their acting or singing

But you're talking about the way they look so do you expect them to go under the knife to fit the beauty standard set by the many people of this era? Is that what you want?

I think that's a very thoughtless and ridiculous thing to do

I hope you will stop doing this

It looks like Rap Monster isn't having a very hard time due to this problem
He boasted his talent and attacked the losers with facts instead so fans found that refreshing

But I still decided to write this post because I was so frustrated to see some losers slandering and tearing the less pretty or handsome celebrities 

I live hundred times harder than those who hip hop with keyboard
Those who think rap is easy
genre too many generals
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry, 
You need to get some manners
Those who can't even carry on a proper verse are trying to talk about rap and music
This is why all of them still rap like this, the same old way 
They're all critical patients who can't say anything more than 3 or 2 words

Those whose talents are on strike
They protest like sh*t behind me
Man what you afraid of
I'm confident above the beats
Your pocket and your talent are poor
I dont’ need GIVENCHY cuz im a star
I don’t need HUGO already a boss
I'm not a Buddha
but I'm a butcher

(T/N: 부처(님) (bucher) is Buddha)

Name, name sorry bae
Pronunciation, pronunciation sorry bae
Diction, diction, diction sorry bae
oh face not an idol sorry bae
I'm sorry bae for breathing
I'm sorry bae for being so healthy
I'm sorry bae for being on broadcasts
Errthing Errthing errthing 
Sorry bae
This sound that I'm making right now bae
It might sound like a dog's bark to some bae
Please change your slandering pattern bae
It's starting to bore me boring bae
I don't hate you anymore

I'll be a drum for you so just hit me
Fine, let's try a samulnori performance
I'm a monster and my tail's too long bae
You're going to shoot me anyways bae
If that's the case being at a zoo is much easier bae
You want to gossip, don't you bae
Although you hate me YOU KNOW ME
Although you hate me YOU KNOW ME
I like negative comments than no comments
I don't know you
I love I love I love myself

+) edited

I just checked the comments
Thanks for leaving many comments and upvoting the post~

I was really frustrated to watch him being slandered for his looks when he's just a human like us before being an idol

And I wrote this because I knew Rap Monster went through a lot

Many of you commented that you enjoyed my post, it was a good read, some of you thanked me and said my words were supportive

I'm grateful to you more for thanking me

And thank you very much to fans from other fandoms who left me nice comments

And to those who said being pretty/ handsome is also a talent, calling him ugly still, and talking about plagarism and misogyny- I'm going to just think that you guys are too jealous and angry towards BTS because they're doing so well at young age 

And I am a fan of BTS! I'm ARMY ^^
I'm revealing this because some of you wished good luck to my idol even though you guys weren't sure which fandom I belonged to ㅎ thanks

I'd like to thank once more to everyone who upvoted and left me nice comments

To every self-contradictory people who slander others when you think they don't meet your beauty standard, verbally abuse people who did plastic surgery, and haters who are so kind enough to leave cruel comments without keeping these opinions to themselves, I hope you will come to your senses and I wish I won't see you guys often  in the future.

I'm telling you this again. Unless they're people who support idols only because the idol's pretty/handsome, most fans fall in love with their idol's charms and we don't only like them because they're beautiful. I hope you will try to think again before asking us "why are you even supporting when s/he looks like that?". Fans aren't just simple minded people who support idols because they're pretty/handsome.

Original post here
Response +1059 -165

1. It's really upsetting to watch Namjoon being slandered for his looks. My heart hurts a lot when I see him telling the fans not to be nervous in front of their bias since s/he practiced what to do with him ㅠㅠ he's handsome enough in real life and he's charming too . I really hate watching people slandering him with malicious screenshots +286 -12
ㄴI'm from another fandom and I think Rap Mon's handsome... That fansign fanaccount hurts my heart too... I think I can relate to this because I've been to my own idol's fansign events.. oh god ㅠㅠ +54 -0
ㄴ I agree. This fansign fanaccount really broke my heartㅠㅠ and when one of the fan got excited because she got Namjoon's photocard, he apologized to her... +59 -0
ㄴ this is really heartbreaking fanaccount because s/he was a fan of Rap Mon... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ imagine how heartbreaking it must have been for the fan ㅠㅠ +62 -0
ㄴI know. He told the fan not to be nervous in front her/his bias but the fan was Namjoon biased... +7 -0
ㄴThis is 9 year old Kissme and I'm a full time UKISS fan but regardless, Namjoon is the perfect example of my ideal type.. I like you, Namjoon... +15 -0

2. What I really don't understand is this. He's talented but since he isn't their style they slander him with comments like "why does he look like that?" but they still slander pretty but talentless idols with comments like "s/he is talentless, s/he is like a flower without any fragrant" +257 -5

3. Thanks. This post gave me strength +203 -7

4. This fansign event fanaccount really broke my heart +62 -0
- BTS fansign event
It was the first fansign event for this fan so she couldn't say anything properly and looked nervous. This fan's bias member was Namjoon. Namjoon realized it was the first fansign event for this fan so he held her hands, talked to her first and smiled at her. But when it was time for the fan to move to the next member he said,
Namjoon: You practiced with me so please don't be nervous in front of your bias member! 

5. "Being pretty/handsome is a talent" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is equivalent to "having rich parents is a talent"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +51 -0

6. I like Rap Mon.. he really catches my eyes among the present idols.. kids... it's not easy for a person with that body proportion, height, personality, IQ, voice to also have the talent to compose and write lyrics. You will eventually know this as you grow older... but there are many empty cans that only look attractive on the outside ㅜㅜ +44 -4

7. I guess people have the right to dislike someone since we all have a different preference and we can't force anyone but... spitting out cruel words, making personal attacks, leaving malicious comments and becoming a hater is wrong. They will want to really kill themselves if someone else does this to them. Do you think you can just attack them simply because they're celebrities? Why are you making Namjoon say things like he wanted to harm himself? I'm really upset +44 -0

8. Namjoonie I love you +35 -0

9. You don't have to be handsome. We just need you to be Kim Namjoon so what's the problem in that? +29 -2

10. According to the people who call Rap Mon ugly, half of the Korean men should go outside and kill themselves +13 -0

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