[PANN] 170213 Explosive visual, Jin;;


 Isn't he insane? Wow I really went "heok" when I saw this

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Response +1013 -107

1. I can't help saying "heok" everytime Jin appears in the music video +162 -3

2. sh*t their new music video is really insane... s-seriously... ha... I really like BTS for real.... +140 -4

3. This looked beautiful while watching their music video so I took a screenshot... +135 -3

4. I wish we could look at Kim Seokjin instead of the red house on the hill when we get our eyesight tested +52 -0

5. he has elegant features but he looks manly. He's really my type +44 -0

6. I really don't think he'd look different next to actors... (shivers) +42 -1

7. I think he's the best idol with elegant and graceful beauty ㅠㅠ +41 -2

8. He's so f*cking handsome and I can't breathe because of him +36 -0

9. but he's like that all the time. he doesn't look legendary in music videos, he's legendary every day +35 -0

10. kyaaaaa opppaa!! I wanted to keep this gif only for myself but... guys, please treasure this... Seokjin, I love youㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +21 -0

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