[PANN] 170213 Why are you asking users to post about BTS on BTS fantalk? If so, which artist should we talk about on Entertalk?

I'm just really curious ㅋㅋ
You're telling the users not to write about BTS because there are too many BTS post on Selected Talk chart?
What could we do when they got many fans? ㅠㅠ you guys should come up with ideas on how you will send more posts to the Selected Talk chart and write more posts instead
It's good for the board/forum to have many active users but you guys are just stubbornly telling the users not to post
Isn't this just absurd?

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Response +183 -67

1. So why aren't you guys telling the OPs who post about other idols to move to their fantalk board? +58 -3

2. It's all because BTS is popular~ +34 -7

3. When OP doesn't prove that they're from another fandom, these haters say ARMYs are pretending to be other fandoms and that they're praising their own idol while pretending to be someone else just because non BTS fans don't praise them. But since we now have OPs providing proof these haters go after them with the question "Why do you have to post about BTS even when we're slandering you? Fans from other fandoms?" ㅋㅋThey were pretending to be innocent, logical and gentle but they are after everyone ㅋㅋ If you delete all those "please stop posting about BTS" posts, we'll get rid of about half of Entertalk posts. ㅋ but you won't delete them because the upvotes you got are too precious ㅋㅋ These haters slander BTS and people give them attention so they're just trying hard like elementary students +26 -0

This is what I want to tell you. You got many fans in your fantalk so please post about "this song is great~" over there ㅋㅋ +47 -29

4. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ but I think fans from other fandoms post more about BTS ㅋㅋ Fantalk is for each fandom so why would a user from a different fandom leave posts in another fandom's fantalk board? It's BS how these haters say "many posters don't know their limits" when we have the right to post about celebrities on Entertalk+11 -0

5. Do you think I'd be pissed or not if you stay quiet under posts that slander BTS but complain only under posts that praise BTS? +8 -0

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