[PANN] 170216 I heard Hansung is V... +)

+) I thought I wouldn't be welcomed here because my post was full of meaningless words but ARMYs on Fantalk board are angels. 1004 Angels...! (T/N: 1004(천사/chunsa) sounds just like angel in Korean (천사)) I can't believe you guys are welcoming me so warmly! I want to shed my tears in a bucket (heart pounds) now, this is the beginning of my fangirl life..!! thanks for the pretty gifs/photos of Hansung and let's say yeahhh so our 7BTS! yeahhhh!! I think I made the right choice of coming here (proud)

I'm a drama fan so I try to watch every drama by watching the re-runs if I miss any every single week. And I was delighted by Hansung and Yeowool who were like kimchi and Sprite combo in this drama that is aesthetically pleasing but has a story that's like stuffing sweet potatoes down my throat. But Hansung was killed...! (shocked) I was crying my eyes out then it hit me. I was not going to see Hansung until the last episode of the drama...? (hands shaking) so I tried to look for any previous dramas starring Hansung (I thought Hansung was played by an actor..) so I tried searching online and he was BTS V...

(T/N: Koreans use the term "sweet potato" for anything that's frustrating. It's like the stuffy feeling you get in your throat when you eat too much mashed/baked sweet potato. And Sprite refers to the refreshing feeling you get when you drink carbonated drink when your food gets stuck in your throat. OP mentioned kimchi because we usually eat steamed/roasted/boiled sweet potatoes with kimchi)

I was like "what??????? BTS who sang I NEED U??? THE BTS????? THAT BTS WHO PERFORMS PERFECT GROUP CHOREOGRAPHY AND FIERCE RAP!!!! HE'S FROM THAT BTS???? WAAAAAT???" When I came back to senses, my hands were moving to search more about him before I knew. And I learned that V's real personality is similar to Hansung's...!! (shocked) Then my heart started to pit-a-pat whenever I looked at V's photo because I remembered Hansung...

I thought "Our Hansung was a singer~? (smirks like a perv) then I should listen to Hansung's songs~" I've heard of their popular songs before but I never listened to their song properly so I listened to every song and they were all masterpieces... (gives a pervy look) And not only Hansung but other members were so talented... (speechless) thus, I have made up my mind to join the fandom. I used to be a drama fan (I'm not an actor fan. I used to be a fan of dramas who ONLY! liked dramas) but I'm determined to become an idol's fan! I'm so happy right now because I think I will get to see more Hansung this way! (proud)

I lurked on sites where fans seemed to be active since 3 hours ago and I tried to blend in but there were too many scary people so I couldn't do anything and I came here. This place felt different so I read the rules of the board! And I said to myself, "I've chosen! Let's go Pokemon!!!" and decided to settle here! (confident) so could you please not reject me? I didn't even know "s" in streaming but after reading your notice and other posts over here, I've learned to stream and now I'm streaming! (powerfully proud) so could I join you guys?

ah! and please don't worry! I did join the fandom because I fell in love with V who is very similar to Hansung but after reading all the fan recruiting posts shared by BTS fans on the internet which you can easily find by searching briefly, my heart is gradually being stolen by other members too.... ha! Rap Monster seems different from what I thought~ (pervy smirk) I'm not a perv so please don't worry about that too. 

Our days will shine thanks to Hansung, whether the day is good,
the day is not good, the day is good enough. Please welcome me (forces) (pressures) (threatens) BTS comeback ohyeaahhhh~~~~! I'll be soon watching their first stage after joining their fandom hahahah

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1. Eppi ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you're hilarious and your personality is great ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ bringing you photo of Sunwoo-rang and Hansung-rang since you joined us with Hwarang~ Eppi have fun and let's spend happy fangirling moments! +2 -0

2. Congrats on enlisting!!! No discharging

3. Welcome! 

4. oh god ㅋㅋㅋ you're really cute ㅠㅠ congrats on enlisting and here's Hansung♥

5. Take my heart

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