[PANN] 170220 Am I the only one who considers this serious?

Seokjin's part... isn't 1 second screen time in the music video too cruel?
This is going to be a music video that will continue to remain forever and it's also going to hit 100 million views too...
he appears less than Bighit's logo.. I just thought no one's talking about this over here 8ㅅ8
I was really upset earlier and I cried. This isn't like the first nor the second time...

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Response +150 -1

1. I mean we can understand 100 times over dividing their parts because it's their music and fans shouldn't interfere in that matter but this is a music video and I think it's just absurd how only one member gets so less screen time. This is something that can be improved when editing the video.. our boys must have worked hard to record their music videoㅜㅠ If I were Seokjin, I would feel upset about this ㅜ +46 -0

2. Honestly, this is a serious issue... but sadly we're just used to it... Hoseok appeared 0 seconds in Spring Day music video too. I think we could have brought more attention ㅎㅎ I think we would have flipped out if Hope didn't have any part on stage. But as always, Seokjin also has less part on stage ^^* +45 -0

3. honestly... they were cruel to Seokjin's part +35 -0

4. Can't we just quietly inquire Bighit regarding this after watching the music show stages (to see if he has more parts)? We have a lot of lurkers here and it seems like someone just posted about this on Entertalk. Too many flies are coming for this. And this is my opinion but I don't think Bighit divides equal part among 7 members in music videos. They push particular members and put the members who fit the concept in the center. Seokjin almost seemed like the main character in Blood Sweat & Tears, right? Let's just see how things go for a little longer. I'd be sadder to see him labeled as the member with fewer parts. I hope they push Seokjin more during full-length albums +19 -3

5. Seokjin having less part is a serious issue but I hope we don't attack other members due to this. I've seen quite many people saying "why is Seokjin having so little parts when "name of the member" has a lot of parts?". I'm angry and upset that Seokjin has less part but as a fan who supports all members, I don't like to see people attacking other members +15 -0

6. Seokjin's part = thumbnail +14 -0

7. but if they were going to give him more parts for music shows, they could have just distributed the parts more evenly when recording the album. I don't understand why they re-distribute the part for music shows when the members have no part in the actual audio?+13 -0

8. Honestly, if they continue doing this it's going to make Seokjin and Hoseok get tired of this. Thes boys aren't just singers. They have a passion for music and they really work hard and practice. We can see their growth and improvement but this is how they're treated on music videos and stage... the boys are adults and they would have stronger mental than us but if I were them, I think I would be really tired of this. I tried to understand until now by thinking Seokjin's vocal doesn't fit hip hop and intense songs because he has a sweet voice~ but I'm very mad to see them still treating him like this in mellow? songs like Spring Day and Blood Sweat & Tears. They should at least give him more screen time in music videos then +12 -0

9. Although this music video focused on performance, isn't 1 second too much? Bighit, why are you doing this? +12 -0

10. Bighit, aren't you lurking here? This has been mentioned on Twitter and it's addressed in every community site. Some even went to the point of "Did BTS's company and Seokjin have a fight?" and other members were slandered due to this. Why are we not seeing any improvement? +11 -0 

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