[PANN] 170223 Big Bang BTS VCR Plagiarism Controversy Clarification

Hello, this is BTS Fantalk.

This post is the refutation to the misinformation regarding BTS's stage intro VCR at the 6th Gaon Chart Music Award, on February 22nd which looked similar to the VCR that was played at Big Bang's concert which resulted in a plagiarism controversy. We want to state that this post was written purely based on the official feedback provided by BTS's side/company and not our fandom's argument.

First of all, in the below extract from the article it says that BigHit did not prepare the stage directing for BTS and they revealed the VCR plagiarism controversy has nothing to do with BTS.

On the 23rd 12:20 PM, BTS company stated their stance, "Generally, BTS's side does not prepare the setups for the group's stage. This has nothing to do with us.".

By taking a further look at BTS's company's statement, BOXMEDIA planned and was in charge of the live broadcast of this year's Gaon Chart Music Awards and on their official website (http://www.iboxmedia.co.kr/main.php)  it's stated that all production (music broadcast, video media, etc) were created after consultation with the broadcasting station and BOXMEDIA. 

2017 Feb [6th Gaon Chart Music Awards] planning and producing live broadcast
2017 Jan [26th Seoul Music Awards] planning and producing live broadcast 

In other words, this explains that the companies and their artists did not participate in planning or producing the show including the VCR. We are not claiming that Big Bang's VCR was never copied. However, we believe that this should be addressed to the relevant producer so members of Fantalk board are currently sending emails and phone calls to Gaon for an official statement and we hope fans of Big Bang will inquire the people who have created the VCR (at Gaon Chart Music Awards). We believe Big Bang who's work has been copied and BTS who were accused of plagiarizing when they did not participate in the production are the victims of this issue.

Some claim that BTS should be held responsible for using the VCR on stage although they did not participate in the production. However, this is based on the assumption that BTS members have realized the VCR was similar to the one they saw at Big Bang's concert. But we do not have to prove that some of the BTS members who did attend Big Bang's concert still remembered the VCR they saw at the concert and even if they did remember it, it's impossible to change the VCR during the rehearsal they had right before the actual ceremony. It takes at least 40 to 50 minutes to encode HQ video for live broadcast on a computer with high performance and the award ceremonies would usually use cinema resolution and these videos are usually 500GB.  We believe that it's almost impossible for BTS members to ask the editor who would not have been at the rehearsal venue to change the entire VCR even if they did think the VCR looked similar to the one they saw at Big Bang's concert. In other words, we believe that there are too many speculations to slander BTS.

Moreover, we would like to clarify the question some of you made regarding BTS's interview.

Also, they wish to become a group that participates in composing, lyric writing, producing and directing their own stage. They are slowly accomplishing this goal.

First of all, BTS has been constantly writing and composing their own songs since debut and grew up as an artist. Recently, they stated that they wish to become a group that can produce their own albums and directing their stages. As BTS company has stated before, they still don't participate in directing their stages but until now Suga and recently Rap Monster also helped in producing their albums and this helps us to understand "They are slowly accomplishing this goal" line. We believe it's wrong for some of you to criticize and belittle BTS's effort to grow as an artist just because they don't participate in directing their own stage and calling them names like "puppet", etc.

"This isn't the first time anyway" (= phrase that concludes previous accusations as truth), "They keep overlapping by accident", "these controversies don't start without a good reason", "there's no smoke without fire", etc aren't logical phrases used by users to justify their rumors, and this applies to every celebrity. We will attach the link to the previous clarification post we posted last year to refute again to those who blamed BTS for plagiarizing http://pann.nate.com/talk/334066034. As you can see, these accusations weren't true and we want to tell you that such excuses aren't valid.
Additionally, some said BTS's non-title track "Outro: WINGS" from "WINGS Extension" album sounds similar to Big Bang's "Feeling". We obviously can't provide you clear clarification since we aren't BTS but  if we could compare the codes of these two songs, "Feeling" used  (Bm) (A) (GM7) (A) while "Outro: WINGS" used (GM7) (A) (Bm) (Bm -> A), so we don't think it's possible to say that these songs are identical. However, we hope you will wait for Bighit's stance regarding this issue for clear clarification.

Also, we wanted to apologize for the immature and inappropriate comments left on Big Bang members' SNS accounts by some of our fandom members. BTS fantalk users feel responsible as ARMYs and we do understand at least a small portion of your anger since we are also fans who support our artist. We sincerely apologize. We promise to be careful with our words when we talk about other singers and their fans in the future and we sincerely apologize again to the singers and fans who would have been wounded. 
BTS fandom will work hard to support proper fan culture.

Lastly, as we have stated in the introduction of this post, BTS fantalk wrote this post based on the official feedback that has been revealed already and we sincerely hope to hear Gaon's feedback soon. Furthermore, we would like to clearly state that this post was not written with any malicious intention.

Thank you for reading the long post.

Original post here
Response +727 -66

1. We would like to announce that even we, BTS fan ARMYs are doing our best to receive Gaon's official feedback and we hope you were able to clear a bit of misunderstanding with this post +390 -9

2. We apologize on behalf of the immature ARMYs who left malicious comments under GD-nim's Instagram during this incident. He must be upset by this plagiarism accusation over the video they worked hard to create and we believe what some members from our fandom did in the comments is never right. We apologize on behalf of them. +381 -8

3. Right now Gaon has not released any official feedback but Bighit Entertainment official has stated already that BTS did not participate in the stage setup. We should be pointing our fingers at the video creator instead of BTS since there is a plagiarism controversy regarding this VCR which was not created by BTS but that is not the present case +379 -11

4. I can prove that I'm an actor fan. I honestly do think this VCR can create controversies but I don't understand why people are blaming the "singer" and calling them "puppets" when they didn't even participate in the stage setup. I hope you will try to think before you call them puppets just because they don't participate in an award ceremony VCR when it's not even their solo concert. Who are the singers who can participate in creating VCR for award ceremonies? I think it's wrong to leave comments like "they went to see their concert to copy their content". I hope you will try to refrain from denouncing others thoughtlessly +181 -4

5. Gaon is the one who made the VCR so why is BTS attacked? +138 -2

6. (username VIP) ARMYs, we're really sorry too. Maybe it's just me but I saw so many malicious comments under the Selected Talk post during the day time.. I have no prove that our VIPs did this but the post was about Big Bang so as a VIP, I want to apologize to you regarding this. I'm really sorry. As you've mentioned in the original post, I'm dumbfounded by people calling BTS puppets.... I hope you will forget what happened today and I hope we won't have any more misunderstandings like this. You guys worked hard all day +132 -0

7. I mean... ARMYs apologized on behalf of the immature fans who left comments all over Instagram so shouldn't the VIPs who slandered BTS on PANN apologize too? It's not like all of you are immature. I'm the aoa fan who wrote a post about me getting goosebumps after reading the posts that attacked V-nim as if he attended Big Bang's concert to copy their content. They still called BTS Plagiarism Boy Scouts using the old, already solved accusations. I think you guys are even. You both attacked each other's singer~ And if they did copy them, their entertainment company would have sued them already. Please don't talk without thinking. You guys look like mean kindergarteners trying to step on growing sprouts +129 -3

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