[PANN] 170224 I feel really bad for BTS (I've added proof of my fandom)

I'm from another fandom and I can prove this
It's true that a group will suffer from bad events as well when they become popular and accomplish more great things but I think this is too much for BTS for real.
I can see you guys trying to pull their hair into the mess whenever they do something 
Which singer do you think would participate in planning their VCR for awards ceremony when it's not even their own solo concert?
I saw Gaon's feedback and I don't get why BTS was slandered for this controversy. Shouldn't you guys have asked Gaon's feedback from the very beginning..? 
anyway, I feel bad for BTS

+) I'm sorry for not providing proof from the start. I didn't know so many of you wouldn't believe my words... ㅎ

I just gathered the things I could find right now. That bandana is an official item we got in our 2nd or 3rd official fanclub membership and the card at the back is the official item for the 4th official fanclub membership. The tickets are from last week's fanmeeting!

I wrote this post because I felt bad for BTS and I didn't know that this became a Selected Talk until I read your comments. I've read stories of both fandoms but I posted this only because I felt bad for BTS. I never intended to criticize VIPs. I apologize to VIPs who were wounded by my post 

Original post here
Response +532 -135

1. They keep bringing back the past plagiarism controversy... but they were the ones who creates this controversy +179 -18

Regarding BTS controversies...

I work in the entertainment industry and I really think this is wrong...
No one in the industry thinks they plagiarized 
People actually laugh about this saying it looks like they're really hell-bent to slander BTS

I'll prove just incase you don't believe me

2. I really feel bad for BTS +168 -22

3. Big Bang is the victim and Gaon is the perpetrator in this Big Bang case. But in BTS case, BTS is the victim and VIP is the perpetrator. This is why VIPs should apologize to BTS +124 -4

4.BTS's 2014 concert stage and Big Bang's 2016 Gaon stage looked similar. But did ARMYs come to beat the sh*t out of you like you guys? Please learn from them +67 -1

5. I agree with other commenters too but it was wrong of you guys to trend hashtag that slandered BTS even after the feedback and trending keyword on Naver real-time search chart +64 -2

6. People with d*ck like logics who go. "hey, okay so I agree that BTS has been treated unfairly all this time but ARMYs cursed at us too. This is a mistake on both parties". Don't you think you're being absurd? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do you expect ARMYs to calmly ask you why you're beating them when you are the ones who attacked the first? Do you want the wounded people to apologize? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You should hit back when someone hits you. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and the b*tch that hit first should apologize. But all this time, ARMYs were the first fandom to apologize ㅋㅋㅋ they're the real saint like fandom +60 -0

7. I thought VIP is a fandom with notion but... I'm disappointed after this incident +60 -1

8. VIPs trended plagiarism boy scouts on Twitter when BTS ended their concert last year. They kept dragging plagiarism again saying Jungkook sang Big Bang song like GD. Most of the accusations were similar hair colors, same outfit or ridiculous things like this photo. BTS did these things first. They went after BTS again with malicious intent to label them with plagiarism when they didn't do anything wrong. Then they insist it's a mistake on both parties +57 -0

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