[PANN] 170225 f*ck is it weird that Rap Monster is my ideal type?

++ daebak I was not the weird one indeed. Nipple Monster is hilarious
I'm leaving proof of my fandom because I've seen ARMYs attacked when OPs write they're from other fandoms

For real, I can promise you I'm from another fandom
I was watching Nipple Monster's video and then clicked on other videos from recommended list and now I began to like Rap Monster.
He's exactly my ideal type...
My idol group is still a rookie group so they look like babies and I watch them with motherly emotions 
But for Rap Monster I like him romantically...
I mean but
I was talking about ideal types with my friends and I said Rap Monster is my ideal type and all my friends were like stop joking..
I really like him though...
Am I weird?

(T/N: Please watch this video to know why he's called jjijji monster/jji mon/ nipple monster) 

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Response +818 -316

1. That's not weird at all.  Ideal type is personal preference so why is that weird and people keep calling Rap Monster ugly but he's tall and he looks fine so why do you keep calling him ugly? There are too many bad people in this world. I think the people who slander others based on their looks are really awful. OP, I like Rap Monster too and liking him is not weird at all +291 -29

ㄴHe's not just fine he's good lookingㅠㅠ +33 -14
ㄴheol this is insane, that photo... Namjoon's so pretty ㅠㅠ +19 -4
ㄴ Every person has their own preference.. but I really hope people don't call him ugly all the time even if he's not extremly good looking... he looks handsome to me.. (sobs) please don't call him ugly ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ it upsets me +24 -3
ㄴ I'm from another fandom and I liked only J Hope because he's a great dancer but I began to like Rap Monster too, the more I saw him. And he's 5000 times better looking than the guys who call him ugly ^^ and I like him so much better than the singers who aren't talented and only have good looking faces +8 -0

2. I like Namjoonie too +262 -57
ㄴ why? what's wrong with him ㅠ ㅅ ㅠ +15 -2
ㄴ ah f*ck this is frustrating I don't know why I can't save this oh f*ck I'm so mad ah I want to save this because he looks good but this is f*cking p*ssing me off I can't save this ah I want to save this tho +21 -5
ㄴheol I'm from another fandom and I was just passing by and he looks so good in this gif +14 -4

ㄴlook at our cute Namjoon~ +14 -2
ㄴlook at our sweet Namjoon~ +17 -3
ㄴlook at our pretty Namjoon ㅠㅠ +7 -4

3. I like Rap Monster too +238 -22

4. Your friends are weird ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ seriously, he's only hated on the internet. He looks really good in person +72 -5

5. He's so caring and sweet and that makes my heart flutter more +70 -5

6. I joined the fandom because of Namjoon's smile. You're not weird +59 -3

7. Isn't Rap Monster a human too? I've never seen anyone more talented than him among idols ㅋㅋ +52 -5

8. What's wrong with Rap Mon? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he's f*cking handsome. OP, you're not weird! +50 -3

9. I like Rap Mon... it's your ideal type and there's nothing wrong with that +45 -5

10. To be very honest, if he was not a celebrity I'm sure many girls will go after him. He's tall, very smart, funny and the best part is that he's slandered only because he's a celebrity. If he was just a normal person I'm sure people would be praising him +42 -6

11. Have you seen this... Rap Monster protecting their staff by instinct.. unnie was pushed by someone and he puts his hand up to protect herㅜㅜ ah, a man like you.. +33 -0

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