[PANN] 170227 I thought they'd surely include Europe but Bighit is really making a big mistake

They're receiving good response from Europe so they shouldn't miss this opportunity. Japan is not safe right now and they've already been there many times. I understand they need to earn money but I thought they'd include Europe in their tour because it's a world tour, they just lost their chanceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ahh don't do this, please. It's like they're going to almost every country except the ones in Europe

+) The previous announcement said they'll continue to release more dates but they didn't include it this time. So does it mean they're really giving up on Europe? They could go later but now is the chance. Please think about Billboard. This is unbelievable. Cancel the dates in Japan and go to Europe. Please think about BTS's career! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Isn't Japan dangerous already?

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1. Seriously the boys are receiving signals from Europe and they will hit something big when they go there right now +63 -0

2. I don't think Bighit was like this before... Why do I feel like they're now chasing money more after clearing their debt? +56 -0

3. Stop calling it a tour ㅋㅋㅋ Just tell us that boys are going to earn money for you ㅋ You don't even know who made it possible for BTS to earn their strong position on Youtube +51 -0

4. Seriously they'll gain more recognition in other countries when they hold a concert. Other countries will pay more attention when a Korean idol group comes to perform in their country. Right now, building their recognition in other countries is important. Bighit is really making a mistake. Until when are you going to focus only in Japan? Please come to your senses. Right now it's the international fans that are making it possible for BTS to enter the Billboard and they're receiving attention from other countries so it's important to take this opportunity to build recognition. Please realize what's the important point right now. Just cancel the tour dates and go to Europe +25 -0

5. Is Japan making them enter the Billboard... this is frustrating. I honestly thought they'd include Europe because BTS is receiving better responses in other countries even compared to Korea ㅋㅋㅋ this is the time to solidify their position in other countries... +18 -0

6. This is really bad. Can't we email Bighit? They're receiving attention from the West and Billboard so it's important for them to build their position in those countries. They're really being thoughtless right now +16 -0

7.  Okay so let's add 2 Japan tours and change others to Europe +17 -0

8. Bighit is really stupid. Why did they not include Europe? Isn't this too much? How could they miss such opportunity? wow... holding concerts in Europe isn't easy. I thought they'd really include Europe this time. 1 month in Japan is ridiculous ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ +17 -0

9. They really shouldn't give up on Europe this time. They should go to Europe now and solidify their position when they have the chance. Many Korean singers are recognized in Japan but just like they've received great responses for entering the UK Chart, KPOP isn't really hot in Europe right now. That is why they need to go to Europe and solidify their position and become the group to spread KPOP. Bighit, you need to target Europe... +13 -0

10. Right now fans from Europe are really disappointed... I wish they'll take this opportunity and go. I think they'll be able to solidify their position +13 -0

11. Bighit, if you've got brains please drop some Japan tours and go to Europe instead +12 -0

12. Honestly you can tell by Youtube that it's the international fans who care a lot about BTS. What do Japanese fans do? They don't even cheer loudly so can they be any helpful? +10 -0

13. They have to send the boys to Europe to help them build their career and they will grow bigger +10 -0

14. They will really regret in the future. They shouldn't send them to Japan just because they get good pay. They should try to hold at least a few concerts in Europe to thank the international fans who worked hard +8 -0 

15.. seriously I feel so bad for our international lovelies ㅠ +7 -0

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