[PANN] 170228 The consequences of rash judgments and incitement

Hello. This is BTS Fantalk.
(We're reposting this because the post was taken down due to reports. We hope you will understand)

Due to a somewhat delayed feedback which caused many to misunderstand as "group who plagiarize", we believe it's cruel and relentless to ask BTS for an apology. You will be able to know from the evidence that there are still many people who believe BTS has plagiarized.

The reasons why we decided to write a post regarding the Gaon Chart Music Awards controversy are-

1. Even before Gaon Chart revealed their story regarding Gaon Chart Music Awards controversy, an article about this controversy was published. Due to this BTS was labeled as the plagiarized singer to the public.

This is very deadly to the future career of BTS as singers. (Due to farfetched accusations, BTS was labeled as "Plagiarism Boy Scouts" even before this controversy but some users brought these controversies which had been addressed already, branding them further as a plagiarizing group)

Plagiarism Boy Scouts misogyny Monster retweeted
Guys, let's report to Dispatch together. I tried looking at other sites but Dispatch is the easiest news site to report. We don't have to fill in our personal information and we can also attach photos. I've already sent them my report. But I think it would be better if more people report together and not just me alone

Thank you for the valuable report

We're trying to print articles for BTS plagiarism
You can email us plagiarism evidence of Big Bang and other singers as well. Please try to include photos, videos, and links if you can. Please include the date of the original work and the date it was plagiarized.

-> Please email us here

Let's report together!

Thank you, everyone. Thanks to your effort the article got published. It wasn't as exciting as we hoped but I'm happy with it and I hope this article will get more views on Naver or other news sites and become a hot issue.
The above photos are evidence that shows VIP (Big Bang's fandom) trying to publicize this controversy by dragging in farfetched controversies.

2. They got "BTS stage plagiarism controversy" to trend on real time searching ranking on Naver where the general public can access easily. This just solidified the label and was criticized more although BTS has not done anything wrong

Since YG isn't going to take any action, creating an issue and publitizing will spread this faster! Please search #BTS_should_be_theones_apologizing_to_BigBang on Naver! Right now the new is No. 6 on real time chart!

3.They directly sent bitter curse and criticism to BTS on Twitter. They even directly mentioned "plagiarism controversy". They also trended a hashtag which was made by combining BTS's title track title with the poem written during the days when Korea was under Japanese rule

(T/N: Some of the tweets)

"Your plagiarism has been exposed. #no_signal_apologize give us the feedback because this is pissing me off ㅗ"

"Your company just admitted that your oppas are good-for-nothing singers *^^* Stop sh*tting articles like that and give us a proper feedback instead! #Bangtanplagiarismscouts"

"@BTS_twt until when are you going to copy others?"

"BTS_twt Thank you, ARMY. Let's meet soon!!"
ㄴ "yeah, plagiarism boy scouts"
= when someone replies to them directly, their tweet gets posted like a comment so there are more chances for the person mentioned in the tweet to read the reply

not many are using this now because it's become an issue but for you, it might feel like spring day but isn't this suppose to mean "do you think we'd have spring when you've stolen our land"? ARMYs don't f*cking understand and they're talking bs. ARMYs, we're not trending without knowing our history
#do_you_think_there_would_be_spring_on_the_land_youve_stolen  is now trending. Let's do a mass trend! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is so hilarious although I don't know who created this... as expected, VIP

4. We tried to clarify several times but we failed. They continued to criticize with comments like "Fangirls are trying to shield their oppa"

The following shows a tiny fraction of criticism we've received so far

Will they disband when Big Bang disbands?? They don't have more things to copy from them. BTS will announce their disbandment

Yes, next plagiarism

Yes, next plagiarism boy scouts

They copied Big Bang's stage and I really couldn't stand them looking happy after winning the award with their plagiarized song


screeeeeechhhh we have given our feedback

We've read the apology post you wrote on Entertalk. But the post had many missing points and now it has been deleted. Therefore, we have concluded that we cannot just solve this issue with an apology letter and we will not watch the public considering BTS as "Plagiarism Boy scouts".
VIPs, if you really wish to sincerely apologize. We ask you to step forward and actively take part in cleansing the "plagiarism" label that's following BTS.

The following is the cleansing campaign we, Fantalk users ask you to follow

1. Reporting on Facebook Dispatch, Instiz and other influential sites that BTS has been falsely accused and the stage effect plagiarism was not true.

2. Cleansing Melon review page

3. Cleansing BTS related search words on portal sites

4. Cleaning the blogs

Additionally, we ask you to apologize regarding the bitter curses, etc some of you sent to BTS directly on Twitter and about the Naver real time ranking.

We would like to stress again that the reason why we're writing this post is because we have realized that this issue cannot be solved with an apology post.
We ask the VIPs to take responsibility and participate in this cleansing campaign regarding "BTS stage plagiarism controversy". Please try to work hard to take part in the cleansing campaign to stop "Plagiarism Boy Scouts" following BTS.

This is the feedback by Gaon and the telephone conversation between Fantalk ARMY and Gaon. (there's a recording)

Hello. This is secretariat of Gaon Chart Music Awards.

The following is our statement regarding the stage plagiarism of BTS at 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards.

We have confirmed with the producer of our company's award ceremony and the producing company replied regarding the VCR used on BTS's stage. The producing company had not monitored enough and it has been confirmed that they did not explain or demonstrate the content to BTS thoroughly before the actual stage.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable due to this issue.

We apologize.

We also thank for your interest and love for Gaon Chart Music Awards. 

Thank you.

Me: I'm sorry but in the Gaon's feedback it says that you did not demonstrate enough to BTS. Does this mean that you did not play the VCR before the stage? 

Gaon: We did admit that there had been some insufficient demonstrations and we believe you could say so.

Me: So that means Gaon did not play the VCR during the rehearsal?

Gaon: Yes.

Me: Thank you.

Most VIPs said, "We want an apology from BTS because, in the end, it was BTS's stage".
However, BTS could have released a feedback if they had anything to do with the VCR but because they had nothing to do with it, we believe it doesn't make sense for you to receive an apology from BTS.
If VIPs want an apology, we hope you will find the proper subject and request an apology from them.

As of now, don't you think we should try to understand each other's position and accept the truth?
Let's not be swayed by what we see.  We believe we should try to listen to each other's position and work hard to create a hard working fandom culture to reduce situations that can cause similar false charges.

Thank you for reading the long post.

Original post here
Response +524 -52

1. We, ARMYs apologize again for calling TOP-nim's stage setting "too common" and for our immature ARMYs who left malicious comments on Instagram. We admit our error and we believe we should apologize regarding this. We will work hard to create more thoughtful and proper fandom culture. We apolgize +252 -2

2. Some of you said BTS was labeled as Plagiarism Boy Scouts because of Rap Monster's plagiarism so we'd like to state this before. Rap Monster admitted it was his mistake and apologized to the creator and the public. This case has been solved. BTS was labeled as Plagiarism Boy Scouts due to the plagiarism controversy that started in May~June 2016. (please refer to the image) There were farfetched lyrics and outfit controversies and due to the strong actions taken by the company in November and the clarification post by the fans, the haters seemed to calm down but this issue was brought back again in February because of the similarity in Gaon Awards and Big Bang concert VCR. Due to this controversy, articles which did not get published last year were posted and BTS was properly labeled as a plagisarim group by reaching real time search ranking as well. Due to these reasons, we ask VIPs to helps us recover BTS's image and cleanse this issye +250 -3

3. We apologize for posting posts talking about the same topic for the last few days. We were worried most VIPs would not read this post if we post it on their fantalk because the board is not very active so we decided to post it on Entertalk. We hope you will understand. +245 -1

4. It's very nice to see you guys handling this issue well and asking them for an apology. I think this would have upset you a lot... reading this composed sounding post... I think this post has many meanings behind it. fighting! +83 -0

5. I'm someone who thought this VCR or the previous controversies would not become an issue. I hope you guys will get an apology from them and get rid of the label following BTS. I will try to participate in the cleansing campaign. ARMYs, stay strong. You guys are going through a tough time... I think I've been reading similar posts in the last few days. Fighting +80 -1

6. aigoo... I was about to go to bed but I just came on PANN and ARMYs, you're really having a tough time. I don't think other fandoms could complain about their hardships in front of ARMYs. I will participate in the cleansing campaign too! I heard that it takes a lot of effort to clear misunderstandings although it very easy to create misunderstandings. You guys are really working hard right now so this will all be solved! +64 -0

7. Even if VIPs continue to report and get our post deleted, we will still continue to repost this. We're sorry to other users on Selected Talk but we hope you will understand because if we let this go, we will not be able to get rid of the "plagiarism" label following BTS +62 -1

8 sh*t ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you guys are reposting this because someone reported your previous post? I have no idea who is doing such childish thing but seriously stop it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I saw you guys cursing at BTS fans because they didn't listen to you but now you're doing the same thing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ this is absurd. some of you who are reporting this post is probably like "what they wrote is true but we don't want to admit this so we should report and prevent the post reaching Selected Talk ranking"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you guys are like crazies. ARMYs, please stay strong, make them clean BTS's image and get their apology. Seriously I'm mad too so I can't imagine how you'd feel. Stay strong. Even I will try my best to tell others when I see anyone bullsh*tting +58 -1

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