[PANN] 170228 Did you guys know that Taetae is close with Ahn Jaehyun-nim?

Why did I only learn this now...

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Response +55 -4

1. Do we need to change his nickname too "김언제스쳤대"? +95 -1
(T/N: His nickname used to be 김스치면인연 (Kim Seuchimyeoninyeon) Kim (his surname) + Seuchimyeoninyeon (from Converse high,  "When you brush by its fate")) but his new nickname 김언제스쳤대 (Kim Eunjaeseucheodae) = when did he brush by/pass by that person?)

2. This is crazy... wow his insane friendships;;; he's almost close to everyone except meㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +20 -1

3. They've been close for a while...? From what I heard, he is close with a few models because his actual friend is a model. I heard that Taetae is close with models even before his debut. He got to know celebrities after debuting tho +7 -0

4. People Taetae aren't close with = they still haven't passed by each other  +7 -0

5. I wonder if there are any people Taehyung's not close with +2 -0

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