[PANN] 170228 heol the boys were seen at hospital

sh*t I heard that BTS came to the hospital when my friend's friend's mother is working at... sh*tㅠㅠ

keu I'm at the hospital now and there's BTS. They're f*cking handsome

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Response +63 -3

1. what kind of rude crazy person takes a photo of people when they're sleeping as if they've passed out?;; that's really rude +49 -1

2. I think this was when the boys went to get their checkup. Anyway, that person who took that photo is really rude ㅋㅋㅋ they should have just ignored them or something. Why would you take a photo of someone sleeping like that... ah my heart hurts +46 -0

3. Maybe they went to get a checkup before their tour? +30 -0

4. heol Hoseok's wearing the shoes which Seokjin gave him for his birthday!! +17 -0

5. I think the person who took this photo is too rude just because they're f*cking handsome. They were sleeping like people with broken neck while they waited for the checkup... +15 -0

6. Should I say that I'm relieved? I don't feel too good... anyway, Bighit looks like they're listening to ARMYs since they have taken them to the hospital... our relation is love and hatred +11 -0

7. They said they went to the hospital at the fan meet! +8 -0

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