[Article] 170302 [Clip News] BTS enters the US Billboard 200 chart for the 6th time...

Group BTS is the first Korean group to set the record of entering Billboard 200 for 6 times. According to the latest chart revealed by Billboard on the 27th (local time), BTS's new album "You Never Walk Alone" remained on the "Billboard 200" chart for the second week at No. 151, following their last week's entry at No. 61. Previously, BTS had entered the chart at No. 171 with "HYYH pt 2" on December 2015, followed by No. 107 with "HYYH Young Forever" on May 2016, No. 26 and No. 106 with "WINGS" on October 2016. With this, the group achieved a remarkable performance of entering the Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200" for the 6th time.

BTS who released their new album "You Never Walk Alone" on February 13th will be leaving the country after ending their Inkigayo performance on February 26th. Although BTS only promoted for a week, they proved they were the trend group by sweeping the music show No. 1 trophies.

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