[Article] 170302 [SCStyle] We can't say goodbye to BTS yet, revising BTS Style from "ㄱ to ㅎ" ! (Part 1)

They had a too short promotion so we can't say goodbye to BTS yet. Let's look at their style again!

I believe "trend idol" is not enough for this group anymore. BTS has been breaking and setting new records as soon as they released their new album, continuing to show us incredible performance. Although their new album was the extension of their previous album "WINGS", the album set new records every day and showed tremendous power. BTS proved that they did not have a rival by continuously breaking their own record. Despite not appearing on music shows since their new album was released just a few days before "THE WINGS TOUR" at Gocheok Dome, they were the fastest idol group to reach 10 million music video views. The group continued to receive explosive attention and love.

BTS decided to appear on music shows although this was an extension album to repay the unconditional love sent by their fans. However, since they had a very long overseas tour schedule ahead of them, they decided to only promote for a week. Beginning with their comeback stage on the 23rd broadcast of Mnet "M Countdown", BTS successfully ended their domestic promotion after sweeping all No. 1 trophies including their last stage at SBS "Inkigayo".  Their promotion was short but strong. Fans could not help but feel happy and sad at the same time. BTS ended their promotion quickly due to their busy schedules so we prepared something to lift our spirit. It's our special present- BTS's unrivaled unique style keywords arranged from "ㄱ to ㅎ" ever since from their debut. Let's begin.

교복/gyo-bok (School uniform)
"I want to become your oppa"
Killing all ladies' hearts with that single line!
It's the very school uniform concept which is one of the legendary concepts of BTS!

▶ "Bangtan Style ㄱ" = 교복 (Gyo-bok/School uniform)

It's the concept that comes to your mind first when you think of "BTS's legendary concept". It's their school uniform concept from "Boy in Luv" that made BTS stand where they are today. BTS caused heart attacks to listeners who are both younger and older than themselves by singing the line "되고파, 너의 오빠" (I want to become your oppa) in their school uniform outfits. BTS even pulled off the school uniform concept in their own unique BTS's style. They created a special rebellious school uniform styling by matching their outfits with chains, leather gloves, and various other accessories.

노래/no-rae (Song)
Every concept of BTS began from their music!
Their concept was selected based on the specific subject of their song. I heard this doubles their charms on stage?

▶ "Bangtan Style ㄴ/ni-eun" =  노래 (No-rae/Song)

In an interview, leader Rap Monster said, "We always have a specific concept we try to talk about in every album and each song. So our outfits are chosen to fit that concept." Their music plays a great role in BTS's styling. There is a specific subject in their song that always fits with their outfit style. Perhaps this makes us feel their charms more when we watch them perform on stage.

데미안/ Demian
Hermann Hesse's Demian was the motive of "WINGS" which released in October last year. This even created a book reading craze among their fans.

▶ "Bangtan Style ㄷ/di-geut" = 데미안 (Demian)

The novel "Demian" is a very important work to BTS. It's because their second full album "WINGS" which created a global sensation used this book as its motive. BTS expressed dreamy and deadly charms of "Boy who meets temptation" music with their outfits. Since the novel was the motive of their album, their outfits for title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" were especially more unrealistic like the ones you'd see in the actual novels.

라이더자켓/ Rider jacket
Boasting manly charms with rider jackets that absolutely fit the title and the song "RUN"!

▶ "Bangtan Style ㄹ/ri-eul" = 라이더자켓 (Rider jacket)

Since "HYYH pt 2" is all about the unstable and anxiety of youths, they sang about the youths who run at full speed. The title track of this album "RUN" gives both emotional and fierce vibes with its unique vibe and the word "RUN" that appears repeatedly. The item selected by BTS for this song is rider jacket. It grabbed our attention because it perfectly fit the song and the chorus choreography where the members pulled their jackets down made many of their fans to pass out.

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