[Article] 170302 US Billboard World Chart, BTS at No. 3, TWICE at No. 4.... Big Bang remains in TOP 10 for the 11th week

Boy group BTS and girl group TWICE achieved good results with their new album on US Billboard World Album chart. Also, Big Bang showed their power by remaining in Top 10 for 11 straight weeks with their full album "MADE" on the US Billboard World Album Chart.

On the 2nd (KST), according to Billboard's  latest World Album Chart, BTS's new album "You Never Walk Alone" which released on February 13th ranked No. 3. They have climbed down two ranks lower than the previous week but they still remain in Top 3 and this proved their potential once again.

BTS's "You Never Walk Alone" also ranked No. 151 on US Billboard's latest main album chart "Billboard 200". They showed their power by remaining in the chart for two straight weeks followed by their previous week's ranking No. 61.

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(T/N: Only translated the parts mentioning BTS)

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