[Article] 170303 [POPUP Music] "There's no song to discard"... BTS captures domestic with "Spring Day" and international with "Not Today"

BTS is receiving popularity from both Korea and overseas with their two new tracks with different colors, "Spring Day" and "Not Today".

BTS released their special album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" on the 13th last month. Their title track "Spring Day" is popular in Korea whereas their non-title track "Not Today" is receiving better responses from overseas.

On the 13th, "Spring Day" topped all real time charts on 8 online music sites after its release. The song still continues to remain on Top 5 even now, continuing its long run. The song remains on Top 10 even on the Daily chart. This shows that BTS's music is spreading evenly throughout their fandom and the public.

The global responses of "Not Today" is remarkable. It's showing remarkable performance on US Billboard Chart. "Not Today" ranked No. 1 on "World Digital Song" Chart. "Spring Day" followed behind at No. 2. "Not Today" debuted at No. 77 on "Billboard Canadian Hot 100" and "Spring Day" debuted at No. 100.

On the 2nd, "Not Today" is leading "Spring Day" on iTunes music charts in the US, UK, Canada,  Singapore, and Indonesia.

2017 March 3rd
BTS "Spring Day"(red box), "Not Today"(blue box) on  iTunes Music Video Chart

US - Not Today (No. 10), Spring Day (No. 25)
UK - Not Today (No. 14), Spring Day (No. 32)
Indonesia - Not Today (No. 19), Spring Day (No. 42)
Canada - Not Today (No. 6), Spring Day (No. 8)
Singapore - Not Today (No. 23), Spring Day (No. 27)

Moreover, the Youtube views of "Not Today" music video helps us realize the global popularity. It caught our attention by breaking the record set by "Spring Day". "Not Today" music video recorded 20 million views in 66 hours and 25 minutes which is 21 hours and 25 minutes earlier than the record set by "Spring Day" (87 hours and 50 minutes). 

If you look at the Youtube views by the country, you will notice that "Not Today" has more viewers outside Korea. When we look at the overall record of "Spring Day" music video which released on the 13th to the 28th, 12% of the viewers are from South Korea and 9.4% are from the US. The overall record of "Not Today" which released on the 20th showed 7.8% of the views were from Korea and 8.5% were from the US.

But this doesn't mean "Spring Day" is receiving low international responses. Since "Spring Day" is the group's title song, it entered the US iTunes Main Chart at No. 8, the highest record set by Korean singer after PSY's "Gangnam Style" at No.1. The song also entered Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart at No. 15.

Since most albums receive attention for its title track, the title tracks rank much higher. What could be the reason why "Not Today" is receiving better responses in other countries? Their double title track strategy with different charms worked. "Spring Day" is an alternative hip hop song with British Rock sentiment together with electronic sound and lyrical melody. On the other hand, "Not Today" is a Moombahton stadium dance music that boasts energetic sound that's much stronger than "FIRE". If "Spring Day" is a song you can listen on repeat comfortably for a long time, "Not Today" arouses your energy.

A gayo official said, ""Not Today" is similar to "DOPE" and "FIRE" which received great responses from around the world. I believe the song pulled great responses due to BTS's unique performance and the intense hip hop sound.".

The response of their album which contains both "Spring Day" and "Not Today" is much more explosive. "WINGS Extension" entered Billboard's main chart "Billboard 200" at No. 61 and ranked No. 151, remaining on the chart for the second week making BTS the first Korean singer to enter the "Billboard 200" for the 6th time.  This is the fierce popularity of BTS which rules Korea and overseas.

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1. I just love all the songs +125 -0

2. Journalist, you are right. There is no song to discard. Usually, there is a song you'd skip in the album but there's nothing to skip in BTS's album. Even other albums have amazing non-title tracks. After listening to Dark & Wild, I bought all of their previous albums. Every album has their own unique color. +114 -0

3. They're singers who don't need explanations. They're just BTS! That explains everything. BTS who grows with the world as their stage! So cool +104 -0

4. I love all the songs +83 -0

5. I love both songs a lot~~ BTS I love you~~ +79 -0

6. It's not just because I'm their fan. They really have great music. There's no song to discard even when you look from their debut album. This makes me look forward to their new album all the time and anticipate their performance. In one word, BTS who you trust listening to and BTS who you trust watching. They never disappoint me and I'm grateful to them as their fan ㅠㅠ +28 -0

7. You've compared them really well~ I think they'll gain more international fans after their world tour! Fighting~  +28 -0

8. I really love both songs. I think more people will like their new album because they've included contrasting songs! +28 -0

9. BTS who you trust listening to~ They always make me wonder "could they make a song that's better than this?" but BTS always does better! +27 -0

10. BTS's music is really the best. I think they make the best music among present idols. They're classy, uncommon lyrics and great melody +23 -0

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