[Article] 170304 Male idol who has 60cm shoulders

The post about a male idol with shoulders 60cm broad is a hot topic on an online community site.

The male idol is Jin from the male group "BTS".

A netizen posted a screenshot from their show and said, "He boasted that his shoulders are 60cm wide"

Jin sat on a foldable chair in the show and the netizen personally searched online for the size of this chair

The netizen attached the photo of this foldable chair found on the seller's website and said, "This chair is 53cm but according to what we see in the screenshot, his shoulders could really be 60cm wide", and highly praised Jin's shoulders.

The netizen left positive comments like, "As expected from Seokjin senpai", "I've fallen for Jin again".

Original article here
You can find the post this article is talking about here XD

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