[Article] 170305 BTS to appear on "Idol Party", charming men who have attacked their fans' hearts + trespassed their hearts

BTS will be appearing on "Idol Party.

Group BTS will be showing off their variety skills on TV Chosun "Idol Party" which will broadcast on the 7th.

The "BTS X-File" concept preview video released before the actual broadcast caught our attention as BTS members appeared as wanted suspects.

BTS J Hope, Suga, and Jimin are charged with "attacking the hearts" as they have torn ARMYs' hearts to pieces with their legendary aegyo.

BTS V and Jungkook are charged with "arson" as they had set fire on the ladies' hearts with their perfect group choreography. Rap Monster and Jin are charged with "trespassing" for their superior variety skills.

The brand new images of BTS will air on the 7th at 9:50 PM.

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