[Article] 170306 [XP Issue] Park Sohyun returns to her radio "Love Game". The reason why "Spring Day" was the first song she played on her return

Actress Park Sohyun who suffered from fractured ribs returned to her radio in 3 weeks and played BTS's "Spring Day" as her first song.

On the 6th March broadcast of SBS Power FM "Park Sohyun's Love Game", Park Sohyun returned to the show after 3 weeks of hiatus.

Park Sohyun said, "I came back alive", and expressed how she had missed her listeners. She teared up briefly but she selected BTS's "Spring Day" as the first song after her return. This wasn't a very strange selection since she had expressed her endless love for idol singers but there was a reason why she chose "Spring Day".

Park Sohyun explained her special love for the song, "I fractured my ribs on the day "Spring Day" was revealed. I was going to introduce "Spring Day" to our listeners but I could not attend the live broadcast.", she then mentioned a line from the song, "How many days should I wait
and how many more days should I stay up to see you?" and explained how much she longed to meet "Park Sohyun's Love Game" listeners again. She said, "The doctors couldn't tell me when I could return back to work because the speed of recovery depends on every patient. I returned after a 3-week break during this hiatus I thought about our listeners while listening to the song many time."

She emphasized, "I even requested this song on the radio when Shin Bora was here as the DJ. I really missed our listeners. The title of this song might be "Spring Day" but in the end, it talks about how much you miss someone. I really missed you a lot.".

Park Sohyun showed professionalism by attending the recordings of "Capture the Moment How is that Possible" even after injury so it was very sad to see her put the microphone done of "Park Sohyun's Love Game" which she had been broadcasting for a very long time. Park Sohyun expressed her emotions with her playlist.

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1. Spring Day is a really nice song... she's indeed witty +501 -25

2. I think her love for the radio is enormous! Please continue to speak to us with your pretty voice for a long, long time without getting hurt~!~! +356 -7

3. It's good to hear she's okay ㅜㅜ +224 -4

4. BTS is cute, handsome and cute again but it looks like even others think the same tooㅋㅋㅋ +314 -38

5. I wish happiness to this noona... I feel bad +197 -4

6. The lyrics of Spring Day is really genuine. I hope people who dislike BTS would just listen to the song at least for once while reading the lyrics without any prejudice +93 -4

7. I think her love for BTS is extraordinary too but I think she felt more emotional because the lyrics were relatable ㅠㅠ Please don't get sick again and please be careful always! +88 -2

8. heol ㅜㅜ I think it's because of Spring Day lyrics and her emotions too. Congrats on your return! +62 -0

9. You went through a hard time... and thank you for playing "Spring Day" as the first song after your full recovery. I really hope you will stay healthy from now. And I hope this radio will last foreverㅠㅠ fighting!! +60 -0

10. Seriously the lyrics of Spring Day fit her situation. Park Sohyun, congrats on your return! +54 -1

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