[Article] 170309 [Exclusive] BTS transforms Europe fandom culture

■ European fans sent request song to 8 radio stations "Supporting BTS"

The "Infinity Challenge" of European fans supporting group BTS has attracted attention among the Korean fans.

In order to increase the local recognition of BTS, members of BTS's Europe fanclub (European ARMY) are carrying out a project to request BTS's new song "Not Today" to be played on radio programs in many countries. Fans from 8 different countries of Europe including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Italy, and Ukraine have been requesting "Not Today" to played on their local "KISS FM" radio station. The fans have decided to send requests to KISS FM as it has radio stations under the same name in different European countries. International fans have spread the message on SNS by using the hashtag "BTSonKISSFM, calling the attention on the internet to focus on BTS.

Their hard work began to show results in just one day. On the 6th, a German member recorded a video of "Not Today" playing in her/his car radio and posted it on Twitter. The video was shared among fans and this is inspiring their "Request Project".

Group work to express their affection for celebrities is a common fanclub culture in Korea but it's not usual to see international fans working as a group to support KPOP singer. This shows that even KPOP fandom culture is spreading around the world and not only the music.

"Not Today" is a non-title track from BTS's repackage album "You Never Walk Alone" which released in February. The music video of this song was the fastest KPOP music video to reach 10 million views on Youtube.

BTS will begin their world tour with their South America concert in March.

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1. Our international lovelies are really lovely ㅠㅠ When you look at the Youtube comments, you cannot find a cozier and supportive place like here ㅠㅠ  Korean ARMYs, we've got to stream hard too! +30 -0

2. I respect International ARMYs +25 -0

3. Oh my god!!! I'm so proud of BTS!!!! Love you +24 -0

4. BTS is love. I love all of you, international and Korean ARMYs. BTS ARMY fighting +20 -0

5. International ARMYs, let's fighting :) +19 -0

6. I heard that BTS's "Spring Day" was played on Sweden radio yesterday... Although it seems like BTS won't go to Europe for this tour, I think they should to go see Europe ARMYs soon ㅜㅜㅜ +9 -0

7. wow... goosebumps.. this is daebak +8 -0

8. As expected BTS = hallyu history... +4 -0

9. ARMY!!! Fighting to Europe ARMYs too! +1 -0

10. Our international lovelies♡♡ fighting +1 -0

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