[Article] 170309 [Today's★Birthday] 3.9 BTS Suga (Min Yoongi), his "endless charms" which include manliness and sweet

Today is BTS Suga (Min Yoongi)'s birthday. Suga who was born on 9th March 1993 and he is the manly Gyeongsangdo guy who is a rapper in BTS. His members call him "grandfather" due to his cold and lethargic image. He also has the nickname "Syubgiryeok" (Suga + moogiryeok (lethargic)).

However, Suga shows his completely different side when he's with their fans. Although he's the typical Gyeongsangdo man, he's a sweet guy who cares about his fans and not just a tough guy. His thoughtful personality hidden behind his tsundere-like character is impressive.

He's also the main host among BTS members. He also performs as "SyubD" (Suga +DJ) in their BTS Kkul FM radio shows. He grabs our attention with his calm voice and smooth emceeing skills.

Suga is also a talented in composing, lyric writing, and producing. He has been constantly including his self-produced songs in their album since the second mini album "Skool Luv Affair". He also revealed his first mixtape "Agust D" on Soundcloud last year. 

Suga's related search word: Suga Mixtape

This is the mixtape we mentioned earlier. Suga uploaded his mixtape under the name "Agust D" instead of BTS Suga.

This mixtape begins with 'Intro ; Dt sugA (Feat. DJ Friz and included 'Agust D' 'give it to me' 'skit' '724148' '140503 at dawn' 'The Last' 'Tony Montana (Feat. Yankie)' 'Interlude ; Dream, Reality' and 'so far away (Feat. SURAN)'. The mixtape has 10 tracks in total. Suga openly talked about how he began music, his debut as an idol, his present self and his thoughts in these 10 tracks.

He worked with director OUI Kim Sungwook for his music videos. Director OUI Kim Sungwook has worked with artists like PRIMARY, OHHYUK's "Island", DΞΔNxAnderson .Paak ‘Put My Hands On You (Prod. by Mr. Carmack & esta.). His unique frame and videography are impressive.

These elements were shown in "Agust D" music video. In between the scenes of Suga expressing his suppressed anger, they added fire, police, machines, and barbed-wire fences to create more tension and express the real vibes of Suga's music.

Suga's charms captured in photos

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