[Article] 170312 BTS is No. 1 on March's Boy group brand reputation "overwhelming"

Group BTS won the first place on 2017 March Boy group brand reputation big data analysis. 

Research institute calculated the participation index, communication index, and community participation index by analyzing the behavioral analysis of 41,393,643 pieces of boy group brand reputation big data collected from 2017 February 10th til March 11th. The brand index is an index created by analyzing the big data which looks at the influence in brand consumption based on the consumers' online habits.

The rankings of March boy group brand reputation is BTS, EXO, Seventeen, BTOB, Block, and Big Bang in order.

BTS recorded 4,426,928 in brand participation index, 6,309,284 in communication participation index, 1,311,691 in community participation index and won the first place with 12,047,903 brand reputation participation index. 28.73 has increased compared to their February Brand Reputation Index (9,358,855).

EXO followed with 4,799,919 and Seventeen ranked No. 3 with 3,715,501.

Goo Changhwan, the head of the research Institute stated, "According to the singer brand reputation analysis for March 2016, BTS came first. EXO and Seventeen's brand reputation index numbers are declining, BTS continues to score the high brand reputation index. Shinee, Cross Gene, Got7, SF9's brands are also showing constantly climbing pattern.".

He continued, "The link analysis of BTS who has won the 1st place with overwhelming score highly showed "Forever", "Perfect", "Cute" and as for keyword analysis "Youtube" "Departure" "Music video" were highly shown. The ranking based on analysis of positive, BTS recorded 83.98%."

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